4 Tips On How To Make Your Smartphone A Perfect Writing Tool

Thanks to the advancement in technology, you don’t have to carry a laptop around simply because you have an English, physics or math assignment from school with a strict deadline. With an Internet-enabled smartphone, you can either get physics homework help online or do your assignments with your mobile device anywhere you go. Getting homework help online isn’t such a bad idea, there are many websites that provide these services to students around the world. However, if you decide to take the second option and do your homework with your mobile device, you need to make it fully equipped for writing.

Perfect Writing Tool

How Do You Turn A Regular Smartphone Into A Writing Tool? Follow These Four Tips

  1. Mobile Writing Apps Let You Write On The Go

The first step to turning your smartphone into a writing tool is downloading a good writing app. There are many mobile apps for writing available on Google and Android app stores. These apps are mini versions of desktop writing apps that fit perfectly into your mobile device. The most popular are Microsoft Word, WPS office, Google Docs, and Docs to go. Having at least one or two of these apps on your phone will allow you to do your assignments on the go. The Microsoft and Google Docs apps are the best on this list. They allow you to create documents, edit them and share them with others. Both apps give you the option to make your work available online or offline. They also have an auto spell check feature.

  1. A Smart Keyboard Is A Perfect Writing Tool

If you’re using an Android device, then your default keyboard may not be too impressive. A smart keyboard is a good writing tool. It lets you do more than writing. With a smart keyboard, you can build a person vocabulary store made up of all the words you typically use. It also offers smart predictions based on your previous input. This speeds up the writing process. One of the best mobile keyboards for writing is SwiftKey Beta. There are an iOS and Android version of this app. After downloading and installing it, you’ll have to sign in using your email address. This creates an account for you on the cloud. So, even if you lose your device or have to re-download the app for any reason, all you have to do is sign in to continue enjoying the features without starting all over.

  1. Opera Browser Converts Your Phone Into A Computer

You may be wondering why you need to download the Opera browser on your device when you already have other good browsers available. Well, you’re downloading this app because it’s a means to an end. Your mobile phone cannot be a fully equipped writing tool without Grammarly. Unfortunately, the world-class editing tool doesn’t have a mobile version yet. So, to use Grammarly on your mobile, you have to cut some corners. After downloading Opera Browser, go to the settings option and change your user agent to desktop. From there you’ll be allowed to log into Grammarly with your mobile device.

  1. A Smart Voice Reader Is Priceless

Think of a smart voice reader as your personal assistant. After you have finished writing and editing on Grammarly, the voice reader will read the words out loud. This way, you’ll not just see but hear your work. This allows you to make corrections that Grammarly may have missed or restructure sentences to make them sound better.

With these four tips, you can convert your Android or iOS smartphone into the perfect writing tool. You’ll be able to do your assignments on the go without a computer. Your smartphone will become your college homework helper.

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