10 Writing Questions: How Good a Writer Are You?

Do you think you are a good writer of academic texts? Are you sure about it? Are you willing to prove it to yourself? If so, then read on – in this article, you will find a number of questions, and your ability to answer them will define whether you can write a custom term paper or if it is better to buy one from somebody who can do it better than you.

1.  How Many Ideas Should You Introduce in Each Body Paragraph?

Now, the division of the body of the paper into paragraphs isn’t just a decorative one. It is based on the meaning of the sentences and the order in which they go. You should pay attention and make sure you never introduce more than a single idea per paragraph. If you see that there are two or more ideas in a paragraph, break it down into as many parts as necessary.

2.  Should You Prefer Active or Passive Voice in Your Essay Writing?

Take a look at any site giving writing advice and you will see that most of them recommend you to avoid passive voice like the plague. While it is not a rule to be followed mechanically (there are situations in which passive voice is useful or even indispensable), in general, you should heed this warning and try to write in active voice.  Passive voice generally makes your speech cumbersome and hard to understand, so avoid it wherever you can use active voice more efficiently.

3.  Can You Use Colloquial Language in Your Essays?

It all depends on what kind of essay you are writing. If you work on an informal essay, some colloquial language will be only natural and even necessary to maintain the right tone. However, in most situations, it is uncalled for and should be avoided.

4.  In What Person Should You Write?

It is a common idea that you should avoid using first and second person pronouns in all and any academic writing because it makes the text too personal and emotional, which isn’t a very good quality for an academic assignment. So don’t use phrases like “We can” or “You should”.

5.  Can You Use Rhetorical Questions?

You shouldn’t use rhetorical questions because they don’t carry any meaning. If you want to say something in an academic text, say it directly, don’t ask the reader what he thinks, because it looks like an attempt to influence your audience.

6.  How Precise Should You Be in Your Wording?

You should avoid words with vague or imprecise meanings, for example, good/bad (for whom? from what point of view?), many (exactly how many?), enough (enough for what?). Academic writing presupposes precision, and precision is what you should aim for in your every sentence.

7.  What Does Introduction Exist for?

The main purpose of the introduction is to state the topic of the paper, grasp the reader’s attention and gradually transfer it to the thesis statement.

8.  What Is a Thesis Statement?

A thesis statement is a short statement of the main point of your essay or paper. It is important to understand that it is different from the topic. The topic defines a general area about which you are writing. The thesis statement is a direct statement that expresses what you think about your subject.

9.  What Is the Typical Structure of a Body Paragraph?

Irrespectively of the type of essay or paper you write, a body paragraph should be constructed in a more or less the same way: first, you introduce the new point. Then you back it up with relevant evidence (e.g., statistics, quotations, etc.). After that, you deal with prospective counter-arguments, and finally, summarize everything in the final sentence and connect the whole back to the thesis statement.

10. What Is an Outline and What Types of Outlines Are There?

An outline is a plan of your essay where you note down all the points you intend to make, all the stages of writing and so on. It can be as detailed or as laconic as you need, but is generally divided into two types: formal (i.e., the one you submit along with the paper) and informal (i.e., the one you write for yourself without following any particular rules or regulations, only judging by how much direction you will need yourself).

Your ability to answer these questions should reflect pretty well your skills as a writer. If you’ve experienced problems answering any of these questions, it may mean that you can benefit from professional help provided by a trustworthy academic assistance company. If you pay custom essay paper writer to prepare a high-quality essay, you can learn a lot simply by studying the paper you receive. If you struggle to write decent essays, to become a customer of an online writing service and purchase a research paper can be a perfect way out.

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