Why is Zolucky so Cheap?

Buying cheap fashionable clothes is no less than a dream come true for any woman out there. After all – who on this planet doesn’t want to look stylish without shaking their bank balance? A few decades ago, shoppers used to fit into two clear categories – those who do high street shopping and those who fill their closets with premium, designer clothes.

However, the landscape has now shifted, and with this has come a rise in the number of modern labels, that managed to carve their place somewhere between the affordable and luxury cramps. One such popular option is – Zolucky. While it knocked on the doors of the fashion industry four years back only, it amassed tons of fan following and grabbed lots of eyeballs.

Zolucky is pretty famous for its larger-than-life collection and competitive rates – which you cannot even imagine in your dreams. So, here the question arises – why is Zolucky so cheap? Is it a scam, or has it dropped its price to attract customers?

If you are struggling with these doubts, this guide is definitely for you. We have rounded up a few practical reasons elaborating on its competitive pricing. Believe me, some of them will indeed drop your jaw in surprise!! Scroll down and unravel the mysteries behind the affordability of this latest fast-fashion brand.

The 5 Practical Reasons Why Zolucky is Cheap

Here’s a quick rundown of the facts that actually make Zolucky a cheap fashion brand. So, are you ready to explore the secrets? Keep scrolling the page and find out why. We hope by the end of the article, you must be ready to pick your side. Let’s dive right in.

  1. It relies on China’s manufacturing capabilities.

The first and probably the most significant reason that makes Zolucky a cheap fast-fashion brand is its dependency on China’s manufacturing capabilities. It’s always presumed that Zolucky is a Chinese brand and imports all its products from China, thus making it one of the affordable options for budget-savvy customers. It’s no secret that Chinese manufacturing units are one of the cheapest in the world, and hence, the brand can offer products at such an economical cost.

  1. Poor Quality

We know you haven’t expected this, but it’s true and deserves a high position on this list. Unfortunately, Zolucky is widely infamous for offering low or poor-quality products. Or you can say the product matches its pricing structure. Believe it or not, their products somehow prove the notion – “you get what you pay for.”

As explained above, Zolucky relies on China’s manufacturing units, and it’s not hidden from anyone that China is pretty famous for delivering imitation products. You can also expect inconsistent sizing, getting a product not even close to what you have ordered, or delayed shipping. So, its poor quality justifies its low price.

  1. Heavy Shipping Charges

Another reason why Zolucky offers cheap products is that they never include shopping charges in their product’s pricing structure. Let’s admit – we’ve all been there when we like the product and decide to buy it after seeing its low price and then get a shocker when heavy taxes and delivery charges add up at the end. Zolucky also uses the same technique to lure customers and then imposes eye-popping delivery charges at the time of purchase.

So, the idea is to attract customers by reflecting only the base price of the product, excluding shipping, taxes, and other hidden charges, if any. Hence, this fast-fashion brand seems cheap initially but costs you a whopping amount in the end.

  1. Larger-than-life shipping times

Get ready for another shocker – long shipping times. Imagine, you like a product at Zolucky, make up your mind to purchase it, even agree to its baseless shipping charges (because you eagerly want to buy the product),  reach the final payment page, and place the order. Poof!! You now have to wait for days to get your order. Yes, that’s the bitter reality of this “cheaply priced” brand.

Although their platform assures us to deliver your order within 8 to 14 business days, that’s all a bluff, and you will never receive your order this early. The package may take around 20 to 25 days to reach you and trust me, till then, your excitement has turned into fumes, and you even regret your decision to buy it.

  1. Fast Fashion

This is a no-brainer, I guess. As well all know, Zolucky is a fast-fashion brand, and that makes it cheap and economical, without any doubt. Fast fashion is rampant in the fashion industry, and this brand is contributing to it openly.

Around 90% of US shoppers prefer buying fast-fashion clothing because they are affordable. However, it isn’t immune to pitfalls that come along. Brands following the fast-fashion trends don’t pay fair wages to their employees and never show their supply chain information. Moreover, it hurts the environment equally by exploiting natural resources and dumping tons of waste for their benefit.

Should you purchase from Zolucky?

Well, the answer depends on your choice. What do you like – investing in a cheap-quality product or add in some money to your budget for designer labels? It’s all up to you. However, whenever you purchase from Zolucky, be mindful of the scams, high shipping charges, hidden fees, and delayed shipping times.

If you are okay with all these factors, continue shopping with Zolucky and get tons of clothing options without breaking the bank.


There you have it, folks. Hope you find this guide helpful. Getting cheaply-priced clothes and accessories isn’t bad, but you should be aware of the circumstances. Keep on thing in mind that nothing comes cheap in this world, and everything has a price.

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