Your Video Editing Guide And Free Software You Can Use

With the establishment of Apple, Steve Jobs brought about an era of innovation in technology. Today, more than 40 years down the line, Apple continues to be a market leader in the world of technology. With Mac devices capturing much better-quality videos, it is understandable if you want to edit them to professional quality before posting them online.

Video Editing

Contrary to popular expectations, there are several free video editing software available on the internet. While quite a few of them are efficient, your choice of video editing tool will depend on your editing proficiency level and your expectations from the tool. In this article, we shall throw light on some of the best free editing software for Mac OS.


If you are looking up an online movie maker for the first time and do not want to shell out money for this, then iMovie is one of the best options for you. Not only does it support 4k video and is increasingly easy to use, but it also comes with 10 unique video filters that are of great help to beginners.

As you start using the app, you pick up on some video editing tools that help you in your journey to becoming a professional. The app has a decent reputation, is compatible with iPads and iPhones as well, and is highly recommended as one’s first free video editing software on a Mac interface.


Lightworks is recommended for video editors whose computers are not equipped to take on heavy load software. Here, the entire package comes up to 3GB. Lightworks has several unique features such as multicam editing and multi-layered timeline approach in addition to the conventional tilting and video effects.

Thorough knowledge of the utility of all such tools coupled with an experience of using Lightworks will enable you to effortlessly indulge in advanced video editing and come up with superior quality videos that will catch the eye of people.


If you are planning to hone your basic video editing skills, then OpenShot is where you should begin. Beginning with basic editing techniques, OpenShot allows a smooth way of slicing videos and even rendering 3D animation. There are multiple templates that you can use to edit the titles.

OpenShot is one of the few free platforms that display technical waveforms of the video. That way, as you improve your knowledge of video editing, you will slowly start to comprehend the graphical technicalities as well. This tool is available in 70 languages, thereby ensuring that language is not a barrier to those interested in video editing.

ZS4 video editor

ZS4 has over 150 build-in effects and unlimited tracks, thereby giving you a lot of creative liberty with editing your audio, pictures, or video. That way, you have one free editing tool that takes care of all types of media, thus saving you from the pain of installing multiple applications. The icing on the cake here is the fact that you can use this tool to combine multiple media types into a single output file.


For people with prior experience in video editing, Kdenlive is a highly recommended open-source software available in Mac OS.  Packages for this will be found through MacPorts.

With Kdenlive, you can customize shortcuts and create 2D tiles, such as aligning or rotating texts. The software supports most media formats, and you can create several tracks at a shot. The feature wherein you can create proxy files comes in handy for people who have a lot of video editing to do in a short time.

Davinci Resolve

What started as a color grading tool is one of the best options for professional-quality color correction and grading on a Mac interface.  For experienced people who want to edit a specific frame of a video, the timeline curve function of Davinci Resolve is a boon.

Here, you have a multi-track timeline making it is easier to trim and edit the videos. The complete 3D editing particle system provides a state-of-the-art color correction ability and makes your videos stand out.

For those interested in color grading, the basic free version of the app (designed specifically for Mac systems) is something that you should try out. The single-screen editing workflow ensures that the learning curve is gradual and that you pick up things as you spend more time in the app.

HitFilm Express

The latest version of HitFilm Express offers a proxy for 4k and is one of the most updated video editing software in the market today. Despite not having a motion graphics feature, it has over 400 different video effects making it a high level composing video editor, and although this software is not recommended for first-timers, the courses on HitFilm Express are recommended for semi-pros who want to take their video editing skills a notch higher.


Blender is a magic tool that can be used for texturing, skinning, animating, rendering, modeling, and a lot more. It is one of the few free tools on Mac that allow both CPU as well as GPU rendering. As this is a nonlinear editing tool, you can extend its utility to creating visual effects, animations, video games, or any form of 3D graphics.

The modifier-based, fast-poly modeling tools of Blender allows one to come up with customizable input. It has provision for Python-based embed scripting, thus opening the room for a sea of creative opportunities. A basic understanding of the video editing concepts is recommended for someone keen to try out Blender.

With every passing day, the number of videos being viewed (in social media, Google search, YouTube, etc.) is increasing. These marketing professionals are seeing videos as an effective means of connecting with the audience, such as, for video marketing. Brands and celebrities and others are using video to gain popularity.

In such a situation, being proficient in video editing is the need of the hour. With all these free software, you will be able to find your way through the creative world of video editing and come up with exceptional quality videos that are sure to earn the appreciation of people. For more free guiding blogs on technology visit here.

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