Is Yofana safe?

Yofana is a trendy and latest fashion brand launched for young women who want to look and feel their best. The brand assures sustainability, thus targeting the group of buyers who prefer environment-friendly fashion without sacrificing their styles and fashion.

But here the question arises – Is Yofana safe to invest in your hard-earned dollars? Yofana’s extensive collection, its free shipping policy, and promotional coupon codes often raise a red flag among new buyers, leaving them confused.

Hence, to help you decide, we have reviewed this site manually and come up with all the answers you are looking for. Our guide will surely help you know whether you should purchase from this clothing brand or just let it scroll like any other unworthy option. Scroll down and read this write-up to the end.

The Pros and Cons of Yofana

Here’s a quick rundown of the pros and cons of the Yofana clothing brand. Browse through them and get a clear idea of the site before you start shopping.


  • No shipping charges
  • Easy to place order
  • Secure payment methods
  • Sustainably made
  • Massive collection
  • Return support
  • SSL-certified


  • Lengthy shipping times
  • No clear background information is available
  • No exchange facility
  • Hefty price tag

Things To Consider Before You Start Shopping with Yofana

Now that you know about the pros and cons of this shopping brand, let’s outline certain things that you should keep in mind before browsing Yofana’s collection or getting tempted by its range of options.

Scroll down the page and take notes.

  • No background information is available

What exactly raises red flags among buyers and restricts them from shopping with Yofana is the lack of background information. Nobody knows who owns Yofana or if it is a subsidiary of any other brand, making things a bit shady.

The absence of vital details spoils the brand’s reputation while limiting people from investing in their precious dollars. We only know that the company or site is based in China, and we all know that Chinese factories and manufacturers are widely infamous for their imitation and low-quality products.

  • Lengthy Shipping Time

The website is only ideal for those who have enough time and patience to wait for their orders. Generally, buyers want to get their orders at the earliest and look for brands offering express shipping. But things are contrary in the case of Yofana. The site takes 10 to 15 business days or more to deliver at certain destinations, making it non-suitable for anyone looking for fast delivery.

But wait, there’s a catch. These lengthy shipping times are for those who opt for a free shipping facility. If you want to get your order soon, feel free to spend a bit more and opt for an express shipping facility.

  • Lack of security measures

Although the website is SSL-certified and thus assures to keep your information safe and secure, it isn’t secured in terms of malware and virus infections. The site is vulnerable to hackers who can intercept the buyers’ sensitive information. Hence, if you want to use the site, make sure to install the anti-virus program and ad-blocker beforehand to ensure the privacy.

  • No customer support

Yes, you read it right – the website offers no customer support, making it daunting for buyers to deal with their queries about their orders, shipping policy, return facility, or anything.

Although a dedicated URL is available on the website, it doesn’t work, and you will never get any reply from them. Moreover, no phone number or any other information is available to establish contact with them. All efforts to reach the customer agent will be futile and useless. Dedicated customer support is the backbone of e-commerce platforms, and its absence unarguably raises doubts and concerns.

  • Fishy Discounts

Yofane coupon codes and discounts are too good to be true, thus raising red flags among buyers. Some of their discounts are too large and look unrealistic even on a sale. We understand that the brand is new and wants to get attention, but offering such an unrealistic discounts seem fishy. Hence, you should be very cautious when buying from Yofane and do not buy a random or hefty purchase for the first time.

  • Upfront Payments

Another thing you should not miss before browsing the Yofane collection is their upfront payment policy. And that undoubtedly makes things more complicated. We understand that since shipping is being made beyond geographical boundaries, the company needs to be sure about the order and is thus seeking upfront payments. But this policy is not at all in the favor of buyers. Upfront payments often restrict new buyers from continuing as they don’t know whether the brand will fulfill the order or if their money get stuck. Additionally, Yofane doesn’t offer any customer support service, and this further contributes to making the upfront payment unfair and unreliable for users.

Is Yofane Safe or Legit?

The resounding answer is YES. Although Yofane has multiple drawbacks, the website has still managed to get positive reviews from customers for offering an overall safe shopping experience. First, the site is SSL-certified, which means that it protects your data and financial details from hackers and won’t leak your information.

Secondly, the site uses secure payment methods, which automatically make your experience safe and sound. Don’t worry, Yofane is also a legit website and lives up to its claims and discounts.

However, what disappoints the most is the lack of customer support. Any site should offer customer support, and Yofane is no exception. And we expect that this site will make its customer support id functional soon. All we have to do is to give it some time and let it flourish at its own pace.


We hope our guide has helped you answer the question – Is Yofane safe? For more such information, you can bookmark the page and keep visiting the site. If you still have any queries about this clothing brand, feel free to reach us in the comments below, and we will look into the matter and assist.

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