What is Wolfram Alpha and The Best Ways to Use It?

What is Wolfram Alpha?

Wolfram Alpha usually referred to as Wolfram|Alpha is a computational powerful knowledge search engine. This web application answers your questions related to any topic. No, it isn’t similar to Google. What Google just provides you sites containing the keyword you have searched on it. On the other hand, Wolfram Alpha is a computational search engine that will provide you the answer to any of the questions you have searched within the information it contains. Wolfram Alpha can be called an answer engine where you can get the answers to almost every subject and topic in the world. Whether you want to know about Math equations, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Engineering, Earth Science, Music, Data Science, Statistics, and the list is long enough to break my keyboard by typing the topics. It’s more like the amalgamation of Wikipedia and Google in a more powerful way.

Wolfram Alpha is simple and super easy to use. It accepts normal language in a phrase, term, a question format of the sentence, mathematical equations, the chemical equation, and everything. More than hundreds of sites (domains) are added and more being added regularly the Wolfram Alpha look through its huge collection of data and algorithms to compute accurate results to your queries. All the results and answers shown on the site are computed dynamically.

The user interface of the site is easy to understand and you don’t need any technical knowledge to use it. It is quite similar to other search engines but unlike other search engines, Wolfram Alpha gives you the exact answer to your particular question. While other search engines present you the site with relevant solutions to your searched keywords. Wolfram|Alpha gives you the result of your queries by computing the answer from externally sourced curated data in real-time. Wolfram Alpha is available to download on your iOS as well as Android smartphone for faster and easy access.

The Best and Unknown Uses of Wolfram Alpha

Well, now you know that you can use Wolfram Alpha to find the result or answers of any of your queries but here we are going to show you some more interesting that you can do with Wolfram Alpha.

  1. Use Wolfram Alpha to solve complex Mathematical equations easily

People can use this powerful tool to solve all types of Math problems and many other subjects, so you can have some help to do your homework. You just have to type in the equation into the search box and you will be given the best possible solution with facts and reasons. Even if you are a teacher or parent you can teach your child easily with this intelligent tool.

  1. To generate strong passwords

Some security survey shows that more than 72% of users who use the internet use the common password for their social media account that can be hacked easily with some tools. That’s why you need to secure your accounts with some strong passwords. And Wolfram Alpha is here to help you in generating some strong password that can’t be broken by any hacker or tool in the world. You just have to type 10 letter passwords or 8 letter passwords then hit the Enter and you will be given some strong and most secured password options.

  1. Search for encyclopedia

Just like Google, you can also search for any important person, place, thing, phenomena, or anything on it and you will be given the instant information stored on the computational data of the Wolfram Alpha. Unlike Google, Wolfram Alpha will give you the details available on the tool while Google refers to the relevant sites.

  1. Check how many people share the name with you

Yes, you can check on Wolfram Alpha that how many people have the same name as yours. For example, if you search for Steve Jobs on the site, you will be given the rank of the name Steve as well Jobs. It will also show you numbers and fractions of the name.

  1. Wolfram Alpha helps to find out the relationships

Now you may think this is normal and you can just ask your parents or grandparents about it but kids find it fun to learn from the internet and Wolfram Alpha is the best tool for it. For example, if you search for a mother’s brother’s son or anything else then you will be presented with the proper chart and the relation you ask for is answered with the reasons in a way everyone can understand.

  1. Solve puzzles and words games

Wolfram is very helpful in solving the puzzle and word games that you asked in the school or by your friends. It also helps to find the words that rhyme with others. For example, if you want to write a poem and you need to find more words that rhyme with “pale” then you can search and find from Wolfram Alpha.

  1. Know more about the product you want to buy with the price

Just like Google, Wolfram Alpha helps you to find the right product for you with the current lowest price. If you want to buy an iPhone 11 Pro then you just have to type and hit the enter button. You will be given all the details and prices of all iPhone 11 Pro variants with the type of material and sale in the past months as well.

  1. Compare Things

You can compare two things to this powerful tool. For example, you can ask in its search box “Apple VS Samsung” and you will be given all the important details on the site with the facts.

  1. Find the nutrition values of the food

Eating a healthy diet is important and you can find which food has how much calories and nutrition values on Wolfram Alpha. If you want to know what a while egg has to offer to our body then just type nutrition in an egg and it will show the results on the basis of the information.

  1. Find your location

Now, this is not new but still, it is one of the unknown uses of Wolfram Alpha. You can search for “where am I?” in the search box of Wolfram Alpha and you can find an IP address and all the location information if you have allowed the browser or the Wolfram Alpha to use it.

So these are some of the unknown but very useful uses of Wolfram Alpha which can be helpful in many aspects.

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