Wikibuy: Buy Smarter and Save Money While Shopping Online

What is Wikibuy?

Wikibuy is an automated shopping assistant. It uses real-time data for more than a million wiki buyers and automatically checks Amazon and the rest of the internet while you shop. If there is a better price available on any site then wikibuy shows you. You get prices from Amazon and the internet on a single page. Wikibuy product pages include top alternatives, Amazon user reviews, YouTube and professional reviews. During checkout, wikibuy learns which coupon codes worked for other wiki buyers and applies the best code automatically. And after you shop wiki buy keeps tracking prices and lets you know when something goes on sale. Wikibuy is an automated shopping assistant powered by the crowd, the more people join the smarter it gets its rated 4.9 stars in the Google Chrome store and trust it by more than a million people.


An Austin Texas-based Tech Company is a leader in the growing market of automated online shopping comparison engines. WikiBuy is a completely free tool that makes it effortless for consumers to save by automatically finding lower prices, coupons, and rewards when members shop online.  It is completely free to use and available for all the devices that you use for online shopping. You can download its apps for Android and iPhone, or log in to their website and even add a Google Chrome extension on your browser. It is super easy, smart, and free.

How does Wikibuy work?

Walt Woloson, co-founder & Co-head of Wikibuy, was asked about Wikibuy and how it works? How it can save you time and money shopping online? He stated the various features and functions Wikibuy that we have described below.

“We created Wikibuy to help customers find savings online wherever they might be. The great thing about online shopping is that there are so many options available and those options mean that there are more savings out there. What we found because, we focus on helping customers find savings every single day, is that the majority of the savings are and where you buy. With thousands of retailers out there, one might who might be having a sale, one who might have a coupon, and one who might just have a lower price. So, it takes a lot of work to find those savings that are hidden Wikibuy does this automatically for you and finds you the all-in price after-tax, after shipping, whether there’s a coupon or not for the specific product that you’re looking for. So that you can know you’re getting the best value on that particular product you want.

The idea of creating Wikibuy started with the price comparison aspect because that’s where the majority of the savings are but then we realized coupons are a huge part of the equation as well. So even if you’re at a retailer and you know where you want to buy, Wikibuy can help you check that you’re getting the best coupon. It does this by crowdsourcing the coupons that are out there. So if one customer finds a great coupon, everyone else in the community benefits that come after them. Lastly, we realized there was a great opportunity with rewards. What if we take the price comparison aspect of the coupon aspect and add rewards on top of that so with just a couple clicks you know you’re getting the best price.”

So while shopping online, no matter whichever website you are using, with Wikibuy you will have confidence that you shall be saving some money with coupons, rewards, and lower prices. Install its app, use the website, or browser extension to save some money when you shopping online.

Features and Function of Wikibuy

As we said, it is simple and free to use. In the introduction, we walk you through the brief of various functions and benefits of using Wikibuy. Here are the functions and features that users can get while using Wikibuy.

Wikibuy compare prices on millions of products from various websites

With Wikibuy, you can compare prices of different products on various online shopping sites. There are thousands of online retailers and the price on all websites may vary and we don’t want to spend an extra penny on the product. But looking for the lower price and find the genuine site is really hard and time-consuming so Wikibuy is there to give the price comparison of all products that you watch online.

Wikibuy notifies when prices drop on products you are looking for

One of the significant benefits of Wikibuy is that it notifies you when the price of a product drops that were looking. For example, if you want to buy a hairdryer and you search it on Wikibuy but you didn’t buy the product because of the price. So, whenever the price of that hairdryer from whichever brand you were looking, available at a lower price on the site or any other site, you will get a notification.

Wikibuy Searches for the best coupons and offers shared by all Wikibuyers

Wikibuy has a huge community across the world so when any of the users have used a coupon code or an offer then, other users, who are buying the same product from that particular website, will get the same offer and coupon. So Wikibuy makes your shopping easier and saves time and money as well.

Earn credit on purchases from more than 10,000 stores and Restaurants (in-store and online)

Over 10k online and offline shopping stores and restaurants are listed on WIkibuy. Users can save shopping from these stores. But the Brownie point is that Wikibuy will give you credit and rewards when you make purchases. Users can avail this credit and rewards with their next purchases.

Download Wikibuy for Free

Wikibuy is available for almost all devices that you could use for your online purchases. Here’s how you can download Wikibuy on your various gadgets.

Is Wikibuy Legit and Safe?

Out technical team tried and tested Wikibuy if it works properly or not. Yes, Wikibuy is a legitimate tool that really makes your online shopping easier with price comparison, coupons & offers, and rewards with purchases.

Final Words

So, Wikibuy is an amazing online tool that works on all of your devices and it really helps you to save your money and time – both are important things. It is really easy and simple to use so you don’t have to worry about how to use Wikibuy. Just open the app, extension, or the site and save some money and have some pizzas.

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