Why Web Hosting Is Needed When Setting Up A Website

Having the best web hosting when setting or building up your website is important in having the best online presence. You might think that using social media alone can give you an incredible online presence. However, if you want to have a wider range of audience for your brand, websites that have web hostings are a way to go.

Web Hosting

What is Web Hosting?

Web hosting is an online storage center or a digital location for your website. It stores data and files, such as video, information, images, and other website contents. The remote computer server that houses all the data and files of your website is called a host.

Visitors wanting to view your website page will just type your domain or website address into their browser, then your web page will be delivered to your visitors through the browser. The moment this is done, their computer, then, connects to your host. Web hosting plays a role on the quality of your website in order for visitors to have an excellent user experience.

Importance of Web Hosting

If you don’t fully understand why web hosting is needed for your website to thrive even after looking for web hosting reviews online, we’ve listed some of the good reasons for you.

  1. Faster loading speed

Visitors, even yourself, will not tolerate slow loading speeds. People will find another website that loads faster for better user experience. A slow loading speed will decrease your website’s bounce rate. A low bounce rate will put your website at the bottom results of search engines.

In order for your website to load faster, you should optimize your content and your code. In addition to this, loading speed will also largely depend on your host, which means you should incorporate web hosting when setting up your website.

  1. Provides a customized email address

When you have a web host package, they’ll provide a domain-related email address for you. By having this, you don’t have to use separate online accounts and emails anymore for your business interactions. Your emails and accounts will be more organized. Customers will remember your brand easily since it’s the same as the name of your website. Customers will also easily find you if your email is related to your domain.

  1. Security

A website that has poor security is an invitation to malware infections. Hackers can easily penetrate into your website by creating spam pages and fake backlinks. They’ll get all your important information, either business or personal, and use it against you. Your reputation and your business will be at risk if that happens.

This being said, you have to make sure your website is highly-secured by using a web host. You will be able to incorporate HTTPS on your website. With this, your site will be more secure by having the necessary information protected.

  1. Backs up data

In cases when your website is being attacked, it is important to have a backup of all your important files. Web hosting provides storage for your backup. Thus, in case you lost important data on your website, web hosting will be able to restore it.

  1. Helps in SEO

Your search engine ranking will be affected badly when your website is always down. Search engines will analyze your website through its downtime and availability. If downtime is greater than when it’s available, search engines will remove you from their first page.

Web hosting is able to reduce downtime of your website since, as mentioned earlier, it promotes a faster loading speed. Faster loading speed and great availability will guarantee that you’ll have a spot at the first page of a search engine’s ranking.

  1. Can deal with huge web traffic and downtime

Your site faces a downtime when you’re having huge traffic. Your site may not be accessible to visitors for a few minutes, or even hours. This results in losing a lot of business opportunities.

Web hosting can help manage huge web traffic and reduces downtime. Your customers will see you as reliable if your site is always accessible and available.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know the reasons why web hosting is essential for setting up a website, it’s time for you to find the best web hosting company that will help rank your website higher on search engines, have lesser downtimes, organize emails, load your web page faster, and provide you with more security to prevent hackers from attacking your site.

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