Why google warned millions of Android users

Google has just warned Android users of a potentially harmful new malware program dubbed “Octo,” so users may be getting sick of Google’s warnings. Well, there is not just one warning. Google has warned millions of Android users about various risk factors to their devices has been exposed to. In this article, we will be looking at some of the major warnings issued by Android to all the users out there.

Google’s Warning about The Octo Malware:

A blog post from the financial cybersecurity company ThreatFabric claims that Android phones are the primary target of banking malware. In the event that you unintentionally download it, hackers will have total access to your system. Being cautious when installing apps and programs on your devices is advised by experts to prevent getting Octo or other malware on your phone. There is even more justification to exercise caution when selecting “download” in light of Google’s most recent warning.

Google Warns About the Play Store:

Android users are being strongly advised by Google to remove a number of well-known apps that have been pulled from the Google Play store. Millions of people downloaded the 12 prohibited apps before Dr. Web’s cybersecurity experts saw them. These applications deceived users into opening links that led them to dangerous websites by disguising themselves as platforms for games, fitness, or questionnaires.

Some applications even provided rewards for being active but either prevented users from receiving them or forced them to view meaningless advertisements. The cybersecurity specialists discovered that certain apps were also utilizing phishing techniques to steal user data. Users were duped into clicking on bad links that downloaded malware or took them to unsecured websites by scammers. The prohibited apps are Lucky Hammer, King Blitz, Lucky Clover, Reflector, Seven Golden Wolf Blackjack, Unlimited Score, Big Choices, Jewel Sea, and Lux Fruits Game.

Estimated Photo Location: Google Photos

Google has issued a warning regarding a feature known as “estimated photo locations” to the millions of Android users who use Google Photos to save their photos. This function analyzes observable landmarks to pinpoint the location of a photo, and Google warns users that the location of a photo may come from a variety of sources, including areas predicted by Google Photos. Although Google no longer uses Location History to estimate photo locations, if the “estimate missing locations” option is enabled, Google will still make an educated guess based on other sources.

Android Device Prone to Hacking: Google’s Warning

The graphics processing units (GPU) in millions of Android handsets may have bugs that make them open to hacking, according to a Google team warning. Google informed the chip designer ARM about the GPU problem, and ARM has now rectified the flaws. Yet none of the smartphone makers, including Samsung, Xiaomi, Oppo, and Google, have yet released fixes to close the security holes.

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