What is Owowpet: Is It Scam?

Owowpet is an online pet supply store that sells a variety of products for dogs and cats, including toys, beds, apparel, grooming supplies, and more. The company has received attention recently due to questions around its legitimacy and potential scam risks. Let’s check if Owowpet is a scam or a legitimate business.

About Owowpet

Owowpet launched its website Owowpet.com in November 2022. The site appears professional at first glance, with high-quality images and videos of cute pets using various products. Owowpet claims to offer convenience for pet owners, with products designed for easy use on the go. This includes items like their one-hand operated treat dispenser and no-spill pet water bowl.

The company states that they specialize in cross-border e-commerce services for the pet industry. Their site showcases an extensive inventory spanning toys, apparel, grooming supplies, travel accessories, and more. Owowpet also offers free shipping within the US for orders over $50 and has a posted 30-day return policy.

Is Owowpet Legitimate?

While Owowpet’s website and product selection appear legitimate on the surface, several red flags indicate there are risks involved with ordering from this company. These concerning factors must be examined to determine if Owowpet is a scam or not.

Lack of Company Transparency

One of the first warning signs around Owowpet is the distinct lack of genuine information about the company itself. The Contact Us page provides limited details, with no indication of corporate ownership, leadership team, or physical business address. There are also no press releases or company bios to establish credibility. This lack of transparency is common among scam websites seeking to avoid accountability.

Additionally, the domain Whois information shows that Owowpet.com was registered anonymously through a Chinese domain registrar in November 2022. This short life span and anonymous ownership raise suspicions given typical fraudulent sites are short-lived before being abandoned.

Patterns Similar to Known Pet Scams

Owowpet’s operations follow a familiar pattern seen in many online pet scams. These schemes often begin by creating a professional-looking website showcasing adorable pets. Scammers advertise on social media to attract potential buyers browsing for a new furry friend.

Once interest is expressed, the scammers collect personal and shipping details under the guise of preparing pet purchases. However, the promised pets are never actually shipped after payments are collected. The website eventually shuts down without warning, and victims are unable to obtain refunds or even make contact.

Reviews from Customers and Industry Experts

While Owowpet’s website shows positive testimonials, objective third-party reviews from pet industry experts and monitoring agencies paint a very different picture. These sources have raised in-depth concerns about the legitimacy and security risks of ordering from Owowpet.

For example, pet scam watchdog Scamdoc gave Owowpet a “very bad” trust rating of just 1%, based on over a dozen technical and credibility issues discovered in their investigation of the site. Other pet industry resources like PetKeen also strongly advise against providing any personal or financial information to Owowpet.

Warning Signs to Avoid Owowpet Scam Risks

Based on the troubling factors uncovered around Owowpet, several clear warning signs stand out for consumers to be aware of:

  • No legitimate company information– Complete lack of transparency around corporate identity and physical business operations
  • Recently created domain– Owowpet.com was anonymously registered in November 2022, often indication of a scam
  • Suspicious advertised discounts– Prices suspiciously low to attract customers, a common scam tactic
  • Pattern matches pet scams– Aligns with schemes that collect payments before abandoning victims
  • Poor credibility per experts– Rated “very bad” trust score of just 1% by scam investigation site

What To Do If You Ordered from Owowpet

If you already placed an order with Owowpet and provided your personal or financial information, take the following recommended steps:

  • Contact your bank and payment providers to halt any pending transactions with Owowpet. This limits potential financial damage from further scam activity.
  • Place fraud alerts on your credit reports and carefully monitor account statements for signs of identity theft. Pet scams often leverage stolen personal data.
  • Report Owowpet to pet scam watchdogs like Scamdoc and PetScams.com to help warn others. The more reports submitted, the quicker authorities can investigate.
  • File official complaints with consumer protection groups such as the Better Business Bureau, Federal Trade Commission, and Internet Crime Complaint Center. Provide all details of your experience with Owowpet to aid law enforcement.

Final Words: High-Risk Indications of an Owowpet Scam

Owowpet has exhibited several clear signals that this online pet supply company is likely a fraudulent operation with unacceptable risks for consumers. The lack of legitimate company details, recently created domain registration, suspicious discounts that are “too good to be true”, alignment with known pet scam patterns, and overwhelmingly negative credibility ratings from industry experts all urge extreme caution.

Pet owners searching for a new furry friend would be wise to avoid the siren call of Owowpet.com and its cute pet photos. Consumers are best served steering clear of this highly suspicious website and instead utilizing reputable, established retailers with transparent business histories when shopping online for pet products. Doing proper research protects both your financial security and peace of mind against predatory pet scams.

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