What Does S/U Mean on Snapchat?

Snapchat, like any other social media, packs a punch of slang and acronyms. These phrases are often used to make communication a breeze. While these slangs are easy to understand, these sometimes trigger hassle for newbies who have recently dipped their toes into the virtual world.

One commonly-used term is S/U, and most people often ask about its meaning and when it should be used on the app. If you are confused about the meaning and want to dig into details, it’s time to put your dilemma to rest once and for all. Read on and discover everything you want to know about S/U on Snapchat.

S/U on Snapchat – What does it stand for?

Once used to be a sideloaded social media platform, Snapchat has now paved the way to mainstream applications and become a popular way for people to connect with their near and dear ones.

Similar to other platforms, it often includes a number of slang and phrases to communicate more efficiently. But since new terms and slang are introduced every single day, these might be confusing, especially if you are out of the loop. One such is S/U; we are sure you must have encountered this acronym for more than you can even count.

So, what does it mean? And when should you use it?

S/U simply means Swipe Up. When any Snapchatter includes this slang or acronym in their story, it means he or she is inviting people to send that person a message. Additionally, this can sometimes be used to embed links in Snapchat stories, and swiping up will allow you to access those links without leaving the app.

But while S/U is always used as a Swipe Up, it sometimes refers to “Shut Up” across a number of platforms, including Snapchat. The slang is used to ask someone to stop talking. Hence, its meaning simply depends on the context it is used for.

Alternatively, Snapchatters can also use it as a See You, which is not usually the meaning used on Snapchat.

Does S/U mean different in text messages?

You can say so!! Although the precise meaning of S/U on Snapchat is Scroll up or Swipe up, people might use it in another context when writing messages. For example, you can use it as a Shut Up, or See You.

Although these are not official meanings of this acronym, they can still make the communication effective and short-sentenced. Also, remember that S/U and SU are pretty same; hence, if you find it stylized as the later version, don’t get confused and just swipe up to visit the link or message the user who has posted it.


That’s all about it. The slang, S/U, is widely used on messaging, dating, and social media applications, including Snapchat. So, next time, whenever you encounter this acronym, simply scroll it up and see if there’s a link or a direct messaging option.

Remember that Snapchat is packed with tons of short phrases and acronyms, and having a hold of the meaning of these popular terms and emojis is mandatory to prepare yourself for the best Snapchatting experience. Thanks for reading, and stay tuned with us for more such slang-revealing guides.

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