WebWatcher Login: How to Use Web Watcher to Monitor Online Activities of Others

WebWatcher is a software that allows monitoring phone and computers. So, WebWatcher login is basically a login page or the service for the registered users of the WebWatcher app. It is mainly used by the parents to monitor their kids’ online behavior and online activities. it is a paid service. If a user has acquired the subscription of Web Watcher then, he/she can sign in to the WebWatcher account. This tool is available for iOS, Windows, Mac, Android, and other several devices. After WebWatcher login, users can check call logs, SMS, browsing history, images, videos, locations, and much more.

WebWatcher Login

WebWatcher users can log in to their accounts via its online portal – login.webwatcher.com. Users must be registered on its official website and opt for the subscription in order to use WebWatcher Login. It provides login details i.e. password and the username.

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What Things You Need for WebWatcher Login

There are certain things that are required while logging in to the WebWatcher. Here are the various things you would need to while using WebWatcher Login.

Internet Connection: A strong internet connection is required when so, you don’t face any issue while the WebWatcher login process.

WebWatcher App or the Website Access:WebWatcher login process can be processed on the app as well as browser.

Permission: In order to access and use the WebWatcher service, one needs to create an account on the service and it a subscription would also be needed.

Security: In order to protect the data and any threat, one needs to use a private device. Person smartphone would be a perfect choice.

WebWatcher Login Process

As we said above, the users, who want to use the WebWatcher login service, need to create a WebWatcher login account. Username and the password are received from the service provider. When you have fulfilled all the WebWatcher login requirements, you can follow the process given below:

Step#1 – The first step is to open the browser on the smartphone or PC and open the WebWatcher website. The official website to access the WebWatcher website is login.webwatcher.com.

Step #2 – Next, it would redirect the users to the login page where it would require them to enter the WebWatcher login password and username.

Step #3 – In the last step, you need to check the box shown with “I have read and accept the Terms and Conditions and hit the log in option at the bottom.

Once you have done all this, you will see your WebWatcher profile dashboard and manage all the devices connected.

How to Reset WebWatcher Username and Password

It is very common to forget the password or the username of the WebWatcher account. But don’t you have to worry as WebWatcher allows the users the retail lost password and the username. Here’s how to reset the WebWatcher password and the password.

Step #1 – The first thing you need to do is open the Web Watcher official website on your device.

Step #2 – Beneath the login section you would see an option called “Trouble Logging In?” and “Forgot Password/Username?”

Step #3 – Click on the relevant option and it will redirect to the next time.

Step #4 – If you have forgotten your password then you need to provide your username on the next page. In case, you have forgotten your username then click on forgot username and hit the submit button.

Step #5 – You can set your password easily by receiving a password reset link on the email address. A similar process needs to be followed to reset the Web Watcher username.

Simply, visit the mail inbox and click on the link to reset the username or the password.

How to Register to WebWatcher

In case you don’t know how to sign-up on WebWatcher and wish to create an account then you would have to follow the steps given below. WebWatcher sign-up process is quite simple and it won’t require any technical knowledge.

  1. You need to have a strong internet connection and open a browser on your smartphone. Navigate to the WebWatcher website.
  2. Now, you need to select the login page that you see on the website.
  3. You would see an option called Create an Account beneath the login section, click on it.
  4. Once you click on it, you would be redirected to the registration page.
  5. Here, you will have to provide all the information regarding name, user ID, and all the other fields.
  6. Once done, select the submit button and you are all set.

Now you can go again to the login page and login with your WebWatcher login details.

Final Words

Thus, this is how new as well as existing users can log in to Web Watcher. This tool is developed by Awareness Technology. WebWatcher is known as one of the most popular choices for parents to check the activities of their children on their mobile phones, PCs, and tablets. Employers can also use it to keep track of the activities of their activities. This is how you can create an account on Web Watcher and go through the WebWatcher login process. If you ace any issue while following the process then contact us in the comment section. We are always happy to help our readers.

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