Best WebMD Alternatives: Best Sites Like WebMD 2021[UPDATED]

In this article, we have come with some of the best alternatives of WebMD to let you find the best sites like WEBMD. Since the internet has been used a lot, most people use online search to get work done quickly. Well, if you related to the medical field, then you may have to see the WebMD- the world’s leading source for getting every new and medical help online. WebMD is well known for its trustworthy and timely health information without doing more efforts. But, sometimes you need to use the other WebMD like sites.

Well, we don’t have any doubt about the WebMD as it offers the best supportive community and the timely update of content on the WebMD. Even though some people are not like the interface and looking for other WebMD alternatives, so here we are to give you some WebMD like websites so that you can keep your work without any stoppage.

Top 5 Best Websites Like WebMD [UPDATED]

#1: Harvard Health

We know that Harvard Health is a Harvard based health information and medical information provider over the internet. It is the best podium of authoritative health information that is an illustration on the know-how of the eight thousand faculty physicians at the Harvard Medical School and using its affiliated hospitals from around the world. So, if you need the best WebMD alternative then Harvard Health is the best option for you.

#2: Healthline

Just like Harvard Health, Healthline is also considered as the best WebMD alternatives to get all health information that is funded by advertisements and corporate sponsorships just like WebMD to explore the health world. Healthline has a lot of interactive content, such as educational videos and animations, as well as a suite of tools for consumers to know more about all health-related problems. It also has WebMD symptom checker like a tool as well as some best doctors, body explorer, pill identifier, drug comparer, and much more helpful health benefits.


Once you read the name of the site, you will think it is the medical drug store. But, that is not you think! The is the great websites to get every updated information related to pharmaceutical treatments, including what they treat, potential side effects, dosage guidelines, and more. Well, if you use WebMD symptom checker, then you will also like this WebMD like the site to check the medical condition and also use other features like pill identifier, and a drug interaction checker.

#4: Everyday Health

Everyday Health is the best WebMD like websites which collaborate some well know and trustworthy celebrity endorsements from the likes of music mogul and diabetes patient Randy Jackson, CNN medical correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta, and fitness trainer Jillian Michaels to share their experience to help other people around the world. Just like WebMD symptom checker, these include a symptom checker, drug finder, calorie counter, meal planner, and an index of healthy yet yummy recipes.

#5: Mayo Clinic

Mayo Clinic is the best platform to find the perfect doctors according to your need. As we know that WebMD symptom checker is the best feature WebMD. So, you can also use Mayo Clinic’s system checker platform to check medical condition. Mayo Clinic has been funded by advertisements, sponsorships, and grants, but is a not-for-profit company that specializes in medical research and alternative care. So, you can use this website to get the best WebMD alternative.

Final Words

Once after reading all above WebMD like sites let me know which you are going to use. You can also suggest other best alternative of WebMD which has similar features like WebMD. Just comment below!

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