How to Fix Watch Dogs 2 Multiplayer Not Working?

Imagine you and your friends are all set to play Watch Dogs 2, and boom – you’ll get an error message saying Watchdogs 2 Multiplayer isn’t working. Pretty annoying, right? Trust us, the situation is indeed more frustrating than it may sound.

Most gamers recently complained about the inability of the Watchdog 2 multiplayer feature, leaving them in vain and frustrated. Wait, we are here not to discuss the misery but the solution to this serious problem.

So, without wasting much time, let’s get into the error and follow the practical methods to resolve the trouble. The guide will outline a brief introduction to Watch Dogs 2, the possible reasons for this error, and some easy hacks to get rid of it quickly. What’s your take? Are you ready to dig deeper?

A Brief Introduction to Watch Dogs 2

Launched in 2016, Watch Dogs 2 is an action-adventure game and is a sequel to 2014’s Watch Dogs. It is available across multiple gaming platforms, including PS4, MS Windows, and Xbox One. The credit for concept and creativity goes to Ubisoft Montreal.

Watch Dogs 2 is set amidst a fictional version of the San Francisco Bay Area, and players have to carry forward the game from the third-person’s perspective. You can navigate its open world on foot or on a vehicle.

While the concept and graphics of the game are amazing, they are not the focal point. What mainly attracts gamers to Watch dogs 2 is its cooperative multiplayer approach that allows competitive one-on-one combat and connecting other players to neutralize a player creating chaos.

The next best thing in the game that keeps players hooked for hours is its fantastic sound play, composed by Hudson Mohawke. It has gained massive popularity within a short period and received decent reviews from critics who appreciate the game’s improvement compared to its predecessor.

Watch Dogs 2 is packed with stealth elements and can be played as Marcus Holloway, a hacker who can invade any system. It features open-world settings in a fictional San Francisco Bay Area region. The players can use their weapons while driving. All they require is improved acrobatic skills and the ability to parkour around the city. You can use multiple methods to approach the game’s missions as a player.

What’s the Watch Dogs 2 Multiplayer Mode All About?

Before you jump into the Watch Dogs 2 Multiplayer Not Working error, let’s first outline some key features of Watch Dogs Cooperative Multiplayer Mode. In this, players can meet and interface with other random players. They can explore the open world and complete missions together, thus helping them gain followers. It also features an emote system to allow players to communicate with each other during the game through basic gestures.

The game features six multiplayer modes:

  • Hacking Invasion – A one-verses-one multiplayer mode in which a player secretly joins another player and steals virtual data.
  • Bounty Hunter – The mode will be automatically initiated if an online player creates too much chaos.
  • Showdown – In this mode, teams of two players battle each other in short missions.
  • Loot Trucks – This mode can involve four players who compete in a head-to-head battle to steal a valuable box.
  • Racing – The mode also includes four players competing to reach the finish line.
  • Man Vs. Machine – It is added an update in which players work together to take down a machine in a small time frame.

Why Watch Dogs 2 Multiplayer Not Working error is appearing?

Wondering what exactly triggers the Watch Dogs 2 Multiplayer Not Working error? Well then, you are in luck, as we have reviewed the error deeply and put together some fundamental reasons behind the error. So, scroll down and take a closer look.

  • Connectivity Issues: Since the game requires a stable and strong internet connection throughout, the major cause behind this problem is none other than connectivity issues. If you are connected to a patchy network, then it might be possible that you face difficulty in connecting with the Watch Dogs 2 Servers, thus leading to the error.
  • Technical Bug in the Game: The next possible cause of appearing the Watch Dogs 2 Multiplayer Not Working error, again and again is a technical glitch in the game on the server’s side. Sometimes, the server is down for maintenance or facing a glitch, which restricts users from accessing it.
  • Faulty Cache: Still looking for the reason? Well, a faulty or corrupted cache might be causing the Watch Dogs 2 Multiplayer Not Working error. A faulty cache restricts the app from using all the device resources, thus popping up the error message.
  • Firewall restrictions: Wondering how a network firewall can lead to the problem? Sometimes, the firewall you have applied to your system to protect it considers this game as malicious, thus restricting you from accessing its server.

How to Resolve the Watch Dogs 2 Multiplayer Not Working error?

Wondering what should you do to fix the Watch Dogs 2 Multiplayer Not Working error? Continue scrolling the page and find quick-fix solutions to prevent the error from appearing again. Make sure you follow all step-by-step instructions carefully to avoid getting stuck into another trouble. Without further ado, let’s get started.

1.      Reset your Network Connection

First of all, you must resolve the network connection error to avoid trouble. In that case, you must switch off the router for a while and then connect it again to see if it improves the connection. If it doesn’t, you can switch to another internet source, like from cellular to WiFi or vice versa, to get a stable internet connection.

Also, you can opt for resetting the network to resolve the problem. Once done, launch the Watch Dogs 2 multiplayer mode, and see if now you can connect to your friend in the game.

2.      Look for an Update

Sometimes, the multiplayer mode doesn’t work if you keep on using the outdated version. Hence, go to the App’s Info page and check if there’s any update available. If yes, tap the Update option, and wait for a few seconds to complete the process.

Once you are done updating the Watch Dogs 2, try connecting with your friend in the game to access the multiplayer mode.

3.      Clear Faulty Cache

Are you still facing the Watch Dogs 2 Multiplayer Not Working error, and wondering how to get rid of the same? Look no further and opt for cache clearance to resolve the trouble. Cache memory often gets corrupted when it is piled up with junk files. Hence, it’s recommended to clear them all, and see if this resolves the error.

To do so, go to the Settings tab and tap Apps. Choose the app who cache you wish to remove (Watch Dogs 2, in this case). Go to Storage, and tap the Clear Cache option to get it done.

4.      Update the GPU Driver

If the error still appears on the screen, then it’s time to move onto some complicated solutions to resolve it. In that case, you must update the GPU driver, and see if this solutions works.

Here’s how to carry out the process.

  • Click on the Device Manager from Windows and select Display Adaptors.
  • Right-click on the device driver and tap on the Update Driver option.
  • Select Search automatically for the driver, wait for them to download and install.
  • Restart your PC for the chances to take effect.
  • Lauch the game, and see if you can now enjoy the multiplayer mode.


It can be frustrating not to access the multiplayer mode in Watch Dogs 2, especially when you and your friends are in mood to enjoy the game together. But the problem is temporary, and you can fix it using the solutions listed above. Ensure to follow them sequence-wise and we hope they help you eliminate the hassle for good.

If you still face the error, then it’s recommended to contact the Watch Dogs 2 customer support and ask them if the problem is occurring at the server side. Bookmark the page and keep visiting us regularly for more such error-resolving guides.

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