How to Fix Vexera Not Working?

Discord is home to plenty of bots to spice up your experience. One such option that has amassed a mammoth of users in such a short span is Vexera. This popular Discord bot is designed to help server owners and moderators with multiple tasks, be it playing music, automating moderation, or managing roles.

But no matter how good any Discord bot is designed, no option is completely immune to odd errors and random glitches. And the same is true with the Discord bot, Vexera. Plenty of users have recently complained about receiving the Vexera not working error whenever they try to use it, leaving them pissed and frustrated.

However, we all are in luck, as the problem is found to be short-lived, you can easily resolve it using the practical solutions listed below. Scroll down the page and embark on the journey toward fixing the Vexera not working error.

Vexera Discord Bot – A Quick Introduction

Since you are reading this write about how to fix the Vexera not working error, we assume that you know about this Discord bot. Hence, we won’t go deep into the functionalities and give a quick introduction to Vexera before starting further.

Vexera is the fresh entry to the Discord bot collection and has earned stupendous popularity in such a short span. The best and most notable feature of Vexera is its music player. This bot allows users to play music in their Discord server from a massive range of sources, including SoundCloud, YouTube, and Spotify.

Vexera is also known for supporting playlists, custom playlists and has an easy-to-use search feature to find songs quickly. In addition, this bot has several other features, including a customizable welcome message, custom commands, and the ability to create polls and giveaways.

What are the potential reasons triggering the Vexera Bot Not Working error?

Honestly speaking, no error appears automatically, and there has to be some sort of trigger that makes that problem happen. Hence, before unwrapping the solutions to fix the trouble, it’s good to find what exactly is leading to the problem.

Here, we have rounded off some major reasons. Have a look and follow the solution accordingly.

·         Bot Authorization

Sometimes, the error appears when the Discord bot doesn’t have the necessary permissions to carry out a specific function. Hence, before you move into the solution, make sure that Vexera has all the required permissions and roles.

·         Server Issues

It is one of the major reasons why you are facing the Vexera not working error. Most of the time, the problem arises from the server end. Therefore, you need to check the Discord Status page to see if there are any issues.


·         Bot offline

It might be possible that the Discord bot is put offline due to some necessary maintenance. Hence, it’s suggested to check the Discord bot’s status either on its official website or support server before jumping to any of the methods.

·         API Rate Limit

Yet another possible cause of the error is the limited API Rate. Vexera, like all other Discord bots, is restricted to API Rate Limit, which means that it stops working for a specific period of time if used too much.

Vexera not working Error Fixing Guide

Experiencing Vexera not working error and wondering how to get rid of it? Here’s a quick rundown of the solutions that may help you in this case. No matter what reason is triggering the error, you can simply fix it by using any of the methods below. Use them one by one and continue until your bot starts working.

Without further ado, let’s begin with the error-fixing guide and say goodbye to bot-related errors once and for all.


Check the Discord Bot’s Status

Look, there’s no point in trying the extra legwork if the Discord bot’s status is offline. So, it’s good to check the current bot status to save you time and effort. If it is so, then you can do nothing except than waiting for the bot to work again.

Here’s how to check the Vexera status.

  • Open the web browser and visit the Vexera Twitter page. Alternatively, you can navigate to the Discord Server status as well.
  • There, you should scroll down to find the current Vexera status. If the bot is down, you might find some updates or notifications regarding the same.
  • If it is so, then sit back and relax, and wait until the developers bring it back up. However, if there’s no such notification or update, then the problem is occurring due to other reasons, and you must follow the methods below to fix it.

Check the Vexera bot’s configuration

Inappropriate bot configuration is one of the leading causes triggering the Vexera not working error. Hence, it’s suggested to check the current configuration of Vexera and make modifications accordingly.

  • Go to the Vexera bot website and ensure you’ve added the bot to your server.
  • Grant the necessary permissions and check if the bot is in the correct channel so that it can access to necessary commands.
  • If you are still having trouble, then try removing and re-adding the Vexera bot to the server, and see if it resolves the error.
  • Test the bot and ensure it works properly. Wondering if it doesn’t? Don’t worry, as we have a long list of solutions below. Scroll down and see which one suits your condition well.

Evaluate Vexera Permissions

It is quite correlated with the previous solution. Like all other Discord bots, Vexera also works if it has necessary permissions to play specific roles or carry out some functionalities. Hence, it’s good to evaluate what permissions you have granted and what not to remove the error permanently.

Here’s how to go about it.

  • Navigate to the server settings for initiating the process and select “Roles”.
  • Check if the bot has the appropriate permissions to access the server and its channels.
  • If, in case, the bot doesn’t have the correct permissions, then you should tap on the bot role and grant all permissions.
  • Save the changes and test the bot to ensure that it’s now working appropriately.

Reinstall the bot

If none of the above trick works, then you should consider reinstalling the bot and see if this hack helps. Uninstalling and reinstalling the bot sometimes fix the odd glitch, thus allowing you to use the Vexera bot normally.

Although the process of re-installing the bot is pretty straightforward, we still has rounded up the steps here to avoid any kind of fuss later on.

  • First of all, you must remove the Vexera Bot from your server.
  • Once done, visit the Vexera Bot website again and locate the installation link.
  • Tap on it, and install the Vexera bot. Now, add the bot to your server and grant all necessary permissions.
  • Configure the bot according to the instructions provided, and test it to see if it resolves the error.

Update Vexera Bot to the Latest Version

Last but not least, it’s good to update the Vexera bot to the latest version and say goodbye to this frustrating error until the end of time. An outdated Discord bot is of no use; hence, you should never continue using the past version, especially if a new and updated version is available on the internet.

Follow the instructions below and get the job done with ease.

  • Launch the browser and visit the Vexera Bot website.
  • Check if there are any updates available on the site. If so, then tap on the Install Updates button and wait for a few seconds to complete the process.
  • Remove the existing bot from the server and add it back again.
  • Now, configure the bot appropriately and see if this resolves the error.


The malfunctioning of the Vexera Discord bot can be frustrating for users, especially those who rely on it with all their heart and core. But don’t worry about this pity issue, as it is fixable and requires a bit of extra hard work to come back on track. So, wait no further, use these solutions, and enjoy a seamless bot experience.

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