US9514961195221: What is this tracking number?

Have you ever received a text from USPS with a tracking id – US9514961195221 and wondered what it exactly is? Well, if so, then please stay calm, as it is nothing but a scam, trying to fetch your information.

USPS is one of the leading delivery services, responsible for providing postal services in the US. However, most users have reported lately about receiving text messages, with the US9514961195221 tracking number, claiming that their package has been put on hold due to an incorrect address.

It simply asks you to update your information, so they can complete their delivery and hand over the package. However, to your surprise, it’s all a scam performed by tricksters to snatch your information.

So, if you want to keep yourself safe from being a victim of this fake message, keep scrolling and find all the essential details.

Where did it all start?

Okay, let’s find out where it all began. The scan started with a group of scamsters notifying people that their delivery had been halted due to inappropriate addresses or out-of-reach physical locations. Such text messages feature a unique tracking id, US9514961195221, and that’s what helped people know about the scam.

Basically, these tricksters want you to update the information, thereby stealing your personal details. What’s interesting is how they made the text message looks official. They kept every single detail in mind when drafting a message and make you believe that the message comes from the official USPS portal.

This text directs you to the website, where you’ll be told to update your address. The website is designed to mimic the official USPS site, making users fool.

What’s the purpose of US9514961195221?

Here comes the motive!! Scammers’ only goal in creating this fake tracking id and sending such text messages is to lure users to their sites by clicking a link. As soon as you tap the link or tracking number, you’ll visit their official-looking website, and the scam process begins.

Once you land on their website, scammers use some common techniques to trick you. They ask you to confirm or update your information, like phone number and physical address, and reimburse the delivery feels.

In addition, they also ask you to confirm your credit cards on the website, so they can commit their final fraud and steal your money. Whatever tactic they use, you are required to keep your senses active and stop making a fool out of you.

What are the best ways to respond to this fake delivery message?

Since this scam has expanded to almost all nooks and corners of the country, it’s pretty unlikely that you won’t receive this message. But you should stop yourself from getting fooled and face these tricksters openly.

First of all, keep your mind open for such kinds of messages, and do not click any USPS message having a tracking id, US9514961195221. Remember that the official USPS will never ask you to update the address or any credit card information.

Once you are confident about the scam message, report the message immediately as a scam. Meanwhile, don’t click the link you see in the scam text. Also, never attend or call the fraudsters at the number provided, and delete the message in a matter of seconds. Finally, block the number and keep your eyes and ears open for such scams to keep you safe.

Remember, that USPS never adds a link to its site in the text message. Even its subscribing and non-subscribing services require you to send a specific message to their official number. Hence, there’s no need to respond to such text messages and stay safe.


While the text message containing this tracking number, US9514961195221, might seem official at first glance, it’s nothing but a scam, and you should not fall prey to it. It often indicates that your USPS delivery is put on hold and requires you to update your sensitive information. Hence, make yourself aware of such scamsters and never be duped by them.

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