Why should you use UltiPro in your business?

Every business is powered by its people. Now customers can help improve the work experiences for all of their employees through UltiPro by Ultimate Software, a leading provider of human capital management solutions in the cloud. Thousands of companies around the world are successfully managing their employees with Ultimate Software’s UltiPro. UltiPro provides comprehensive HR, payroll, and talent management, and all components of people management are unified in one accurate system of record that is integrated with your other NetSuite business applications. As a result, you can ensure that your employees are engaged and productive from day one accelerating business results.



Someone’s first experience with your business is most likely when he or she applies for a job. UltiPro’s candidate-centric design enables you to immediately engage applicants and avoid candidate drop-off. You can leverage popular social tools, quickly create and post opportunities, automatically rank candidates, and much more. And, because UltiPro is a unified solution, there’s no need to re-enter any data once your candidate is hired, making it that much easier to set up payroll and benefits.


UltiPro onboarding enables NetSuite customers to bring new levels of collaboration and visibility into the new hire process, creating an engaging impactful experience. UltiPro makes it simple for new employees to complete all necessary forms online and helps new employees feel connected from day one. Employees can proactively socialize with and learn about their new teams and set up goals to ensure focus and success.

Global HCM (Human Capital Management)

Regardless of where your people are located around the world, UltiPro enables you to engage employees locally and then ensure targeted compliance. With UltiPro, you can have an immediate view of your global workforce as well as manage and report on critical information. UltiPro can help you meet the requirements and expectations that employees and managers have while respecting local cultures.


UltiPro provides powerful time management functionality for any organization and industry. In addition to delivering quick simple and accurate time entry for employees, UltiPro delivers flexible tools for time and attendance, employee scheduling, and lead management. All supported by detailed visibility into labor costs and compliance. You can easily capture employee time with a variety of devices, automate payroll calculations, manage retroactive pay, and more.

The U.S and Canada Payroll

Accurate compliant and on-time pay is critical. UltiPro’s powerful and flexible payroll solution handles even the most complex requirements. You can easily retrieve time and attendance details, calculate gross to net pay, generate direct deposit files, and paychecks for US and Canadian banks, all with one-click access to any of your payroll data.

Timely Tax Filing

UltiPro’s services for tax filing enables quick deposits to federal, state, and local tax liabilities for more than 13,000 US tax agencies. Ultimate files all monthly, quarterly, and annual tax returns, via paper, e-file or magnetic media and then balances quarter to date and year to date deposits to liabilities. By leveraging Ultimates experienced tax professionals, you can ensure your time and resources are spent on strategic people-focused initiatives

Talent Management

To be successful and stay competitive, your organization needs to hire, retain, and develop the best talent. UltiPro’s suite for talent management can help you engage and develop your workforce through easy-to-use tools. You can go beyond static annual reviews and create dynamic and continuous processes for your people. Plus, you can create competency-based goals and measure the progress of employee performance toward those goals. UltiPro’s succession management tools help you proactively build a talent pipeline for the future. You can quickly uncover talent gaps and determine employees’ readiness to step into key roles. As a result, you can reduce the risk of business disruption and better align performance with business outcomes.

Managers can also leverage UltiPro’s predictive analytics to help identify and retain top performers. UltiPro brings together a range of workforce metrics so you can make more informed decisions on everything from individual development plans to company-wide succession planning. UltiPro’s career development tools enable employees and managers to identify learning opportunities and monitor progress. And, with dynamic employee talent cards, managers can easily understand individuals’ career aspirations and then create personalized development plans

Compensation Management

UltiPro Compensation management helps you make effective decisions regarding compensation for individuals or entire teams. Managers can quickly and easily review salary budgets and guidelines and determine how to allocate pay increases within their budget. You can submit pay increases for processing with the click of a button, access individuals’ talent data and compensation history when making decisions, and create budgets and local currencies.

Business Intelligence

Gain complete visibility and insight into your workforce with UltiPros comprehensive reporting and business intelligence tools. Because UltiPro delivers unified HCM, you can instantly pull data across all areas of your people management to capture key metrics. You can access critical reports on areas, such as global headcount, recruiting, average salary, and more. Dashboards conveniently provide real-time graphical views of critical information.

Keep Your People Connected

UltiPro keeps your people connected. Everyone has direct access to UltiPro regardless of their location or the device being used. As your employee system of record, UltiPro enables you to easily get the insight needed to make important people focus decisions while integrating with other business applications such as general ledger to improve efficiency and seamless data exchange between business systems. Ultimate believes exceptional customer service and two-way communication are equally essential to your success ultimate views customers as partners and they are committed to making sure you get the most value. It offers industry-leading activation and unrivaled customer support which includes unlimited training at no cost and you have one dedicated representative who’s ready to support you in the fastest most effective way possible. Ultimate is committed to helping customers improve their human capital management.

Final words:

If you are willing to improve your business with enhancing skills and management of your people then UltiPro by Ultimate Software is really for you.

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