How uBlock Origin Can Block JavaScript by Default Now?

Without any doubt, I can say uBlock Origin is one of the most popular blockers for Safari, Firefox, Android, iOS, Opera etc. And they have added one more great features with the latest uBlock Origin update to block JavaScript (JS) execution on a page altogether. Hence, the latest uBlock Origin update let you block JavaScript by default for all visited sites or individual sites.

Since the release of uBlock Origin 1.17.0 version, many users of uBlock Origin Firefox, Chrome, or Safari have got the great control of contents which comes automatically on sites they visited in any of supported browser. If you have updated the latest version of uBlock Origin, then the ad blocker will skip the execution of any JavaScript files on a page, and the only load the page’s HTML and CSS code to protect your computer. If you have updated the latest uBlock Origin version, then you will see the new Red Cross in the image above means uBlock Origin is blocking JavaScript execution for that particular site.

Why uBlock Origin 1.17.0 Update Is Productive?

There are certain things make the uBlock Origin1.17.0 update worthy. Here are those:

  • Important for the sake of security
  • Prevents the execution of the tracking code that usually comes with modern ads.
  • Prevents other forms of tracking scripts, such as those used by social media companies, traffic analytics tools, and other online services that uBlock Origin might have missed via its normal blacklist.

How To Configure uBlock Origin to disable JavaScript

First of all, you should update uBlock Origin1.17.0. After that, click on the extension’s icon in the address bar of the browser that you are using and in the interface that opens on the settings icon. Then, switch to the about tab on the dashboard; the version of the extension is listed there. There are two different options available to block JavaScript by default: Enable it for individual sites and Enable it for all sites.

  • A click on the uBlock Origin icon displays the main interface that you use to control content. You find the new option to disable JavaScript for the site in the bottom-right corner. The new icon looks like a closed tag </>.
  • A click disables JavaScript on the site and adds a red cross to the icon to indicate that JavaScript is turned off on the site. Note that this is temporary unless you make the change permanent using icons that uBlock Origin displays after you activate the option.
  • Advanced users may add individual sites to the “my rules” section of the dashboard. Use the no-scripting: [hostname] true template and replace [hostname] with the domain that you want to disable JavaScript on.

How To Install uBlock Origin Firefox?

Step #1: Open the uBlock Origin settings.

Step #2: Make sure that the Settings tab is selected.

Step #3: Check the “Disable JavaScript” box there

How to install uBlock Origin safari?

There is, at least for now, an officially supported workaround on the uBlock-Safari Github page:

  1. Clone uBlock-Safariand uAssets into the same parent directory
  2. Build by running ./tools/ in uBlock-Safari’s directory 3.Install the unpacked extension through Safari’s Extension Builder
    • Show the Develop menu in Safari by going to Preferences > Advanced and checking Show Develop menu in menu bar
    • In Safari, load the Extension Builder (Develop > Show Extension Builder)
    • Click the + button in the bottom left corner and “Add Extension”
    • Select dist/build/uBlock0.safariextension
    • Click install and enter your password

You will have to repeat step 3 each time you restart Safari, but your settings will be saved, so it’s only a few extra clicks.

It’s impossible to know how long Apple will allow this to work, but for now it seems to be the least bad option (and much better than using uBlock which is shady and unrelated to uBlock Origin)

Final Lines

So, this was all about the latest uBlock Origin update to block JavaScript by default for all visited sites or individual sites. Disable JavaScript for all visited sites or on per-site basis ads is one of the most productive features of uBlock Origin blocker. So, those who disable JavaScript globally will run into sites that break as some may require JavaScript for some or even all functionality.

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