Two Horns Walkthrough Gameplay Guide: Tips, Tricks, and Strategies

Two Horns is an immersive action-adventure RPG set in a fantasy world filled with mystery and intrigue. As a new resident in the supernatural town of Oniga, you find yourself caught in a web of events beyond your control. This gameplay guide offers tips, tricks, and strategies to help you survive and thrive in the dangerous yet appealing world of Two Horns.

About Two Horns

Two Horns has a nonlinear, open-world structure that rewards exploration and discovery. The core gameplay loop involves taking on quests, battling enemies, managing resources, developing your character, and uncovering the town’s secrets. Key features include:

  • A sprawling open world with diverse environments to explore
  • An intricate storyline with multiple endings based on player choices
  • Strategic real-time combat against humans and supernatural foes
  • In-depth character customization through skills, gear, and abilities
  • Crafting, upgrades, and resource management systems
  • A relationship system with romanceable characters
  • Hidden areas and secrets to find through exploration

How to Get Started in Two Horns

When you first arrive in Oniga, focus on the following to get your bearings:

  • Complete main queststo progress the story and unlock new areas
  • Explore the townto find useful locations like shops and services
  • Gather and craft gearlike weapons, armor, and consumables
  • Earn goldthrough jobs, quests, looting, and selling items
  • Manage hunger, sleep, and healththrough food, rest, and potions

As you establish yourself in Oniga, you can shift focus to side activities like relationships, secrets, and min-maxing your build.

Combat Tips and Strategies

Combat in Two Horns relies on positioning, timing, and having the right skills and gear equipped. Here are some tips to prevail in battle:

  • Keep moving– Sidestep and dodge attacks rather than face-tanking hits
  • Use combos– Chain together attacks for greater damage
  • Target weaknesses– Use the right damage types against different enemies
  • Manage stamina– Don’t exhaust all your endurance with wild attacks
  • Use consumables– Keep health potions, energy drinks, etc. on hand
  • Utilize stealth– Sneak up or snipe unaware enemies before they detect you
  • Choose gear wisely– Use weapons and armor suitable for your playstyle
  • Exploit the environment– Knock enemies into hazards for extra damage

Character Progression and Customization

Your choices in skills, gear, and playstyle determine how your character evolves in Two Horns. Optimize your build with these tips:

  • Play to your strengths– Lean into damage types you specialize in
  • Patch weaknesses– Offset vulnerabilities by using consumables or gear
  • Mix and match skills– Blend combat, magic, stealth, and social abilities
  • Synergize equipment– Match armor and weapon bonuses for maximum effect
  • Respec when needed– Reset skills and traits to experiment with new builds
  • Enchant gear– Imbue weapons and armor with bonus attributes
  • Choose a specialty– Decide early if you want to focus on magic, melee, archery, etc.

Relationships and Romance

Two Horns features meaningful relationships with several romanceable characters. Here’s how to woo them:

  • Explore dialogue optionswhen interacting to improve affinity
  • Give giftstailored to each character’s tastes
  • Complete requestslike quests to demonstrate your devotion
  • Avoid rejecting advancesunless you’re sure about your choice
  • Focus on one romanceat a time if you want to avoid jealousy
  • Save frequentlyso you can reload and change relationship decisions

Successfully romancing characters unlocks intimate scenes, bonus perks, and can even impact the game’s ending.

Secrets, Exploration, and Hidden Areas

Two Horns rewards curiosity through hidden locations containing treasure, gear, lore, and more. Here’s how to uncover its secrets:

  • Search thoroughly– Check corners, read notes, examine objects, and tap walls
  • Revisit areas– Previously inaccessible routes may open up later
  • Talk to NPCsfor clues about points of interest
  • Investigate odditieslike strange markings or architectural inconsistencies
  • Use stealthto sneak past guards protecting hidden treasure troves
  • Save oftenso you can reload to try alternate routes to secret stashes

Exploration and perseverance will help you discover exciting secrets that offer tangible rewards.

Manage Resources and the Town

You’ll need to gather and manage resources to survive and advance in Two Horns. Follow these tips:

  • Loot judiciously– Focus on high-value treasure to avoid over-encumbrance
  • Sell valuablesyou don’t need to earn gold fast
  • Invest in storagevia houses, chests, and bags to increase capacity
  • Craft potions and foodto get the most from ingredients
  • Repair and upgrade gearfrequently to maintain effectiveness
  • Contribute to town projectsto unlock merchant discounts and other perks
  • Specialize productionin one or two gathering skills to maximize yields

Effective resource management ensures you have the gear, items, and finances to achieve your goals.


With these tips and strategies, you’ll be well-prepared to dive into the mysterious and dangerous world of Two Horns. Pay attention to the story, make meaningful choices, build relationships, take on challenges at your own pace, and above all, enjoy unraveling the secrets tucked away in the shadows of Oniga town. Approach each situation thoughtfully and keep your wits about you, and you’ll find success on your journey through this compelling RPG adventure.

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