How to Download and use Tweetdeck Android?

Are you too much into Twitter and wondering how to manage multiple accounts in one place? Don’t go further and turn to Tweetdeck Android to create threads and add photos in a few clicks. Tweetdeck is a one-stop platform for enjoying a convenient Twitter experience by managing multiple timelines in one simple interface.

However, before you get fascinated with the UI and features, it’s vital to know that Tweetdeck is not officially available for Android devices, and you must download the Android Package Kit to get the most out of it. So, are you ready to explore more information about this APK here? Keep scrolling the page and find out everything about the Tweetdeck apk,m its key features, and a step-by-step guide to downloading the same here.

What is TweetDeck?

Whether you love tweeting every single thing or are just a casual user, you must have come across the word “Tweetdeck” at least once in your life. So, what is it, and why is it creating so much hype among users?

Tweetdeck, a go-to Twitter desktop app, is designed to manage multiple timelines under one roof. It allows users to follow any number of Twitter accounts you operate in one columned application. The app has finally come out of its beta version and joined the website and mobile apps as part of the redesign of the service.

The biggest difference between the public and beta versions is that the latest one no longer requires Adobe AIR to get installed, thus making the whole process easy and streamlined. The appearance of this desktop application is largely unchanged. It is easy, clean, and simple to understand, making it one of the best apps for managing multiple accounts.

Tweetdeck is no less than a must-have for those with more than one Twitter account. Moreover, it comes with the added security of Twitter’s official support, thus making the overall process smooth and easy.

Can you download TweetDeck Android?

Since the platform was mainly released for desktops, users often question – Can they download Tweetdeck Android, or is it available for Android smartphones? If you are thinking the same, let us be clear that you can download Tweetdeck for Android, but only in the form of an Android Package Kit.

Tweetdeck isn’t available on Google Play Store; hence, you must find a reliable third-party application for getting the same on Android-based smartphones. The app is available for free; hence, you can manage your multiple Twitter accounts without spending bucks. It brings more flexibility and insights to power users through its personalized layout.

A step-by-step guide to downloading Tweetdeck Android?

Now that you are well-acquainted with all the information about Tweetdeck, it’s time to uncover the process of downloading Tweetdeck Android in a few simple steps. Follow the instructions carefully to avoid any further hassle.

  1. First of all, go to the Settings tab and click “Allow Apps from unknown sources” under the Security settings option. It will then help you install the applications outside of Play Store without any hindrances.
  2. Now, open the web browser and initiate a search for the Tweetdeck Android in the search engine box. Click the reliable website and move to the next step.
  3. Locate the Downloadable link for the Tweetdeck APK and tap on it to begin the process. The tool might take a few seconds to complete the process. Until then, you must wait and not press the back button to avoid any interruption.
  4. Once done, click the APK link at the bottom of the window and follow the on-screen prompts to begin the installation. You can then open the app normally and sign into your Twitter accounts to manage them in one place.

How to use Tweetdeck Android?

So, you have downloaded Tweetdeck Android, but how would you use it? Here’s a quick rundown of the step-by-step procedure to initiate the process.

  • Open the Tweetdeck APK on Android and log in with your Twitter account. Make sure you use an account that’s not shared with others.
  • As soon as you are logged in, you can then connect multiple Twitter accounts to your Tweetdeck account instantly.


Tweetdeck is one of the easiest and most convenient ways to manage Twitter accounts, build Tweet collection, and schedule Tweets for posting in the future. It lets you view multiple timelines at once on a single interface. But since it is not available on Google Play Store, you must download it as an APK through a reliable third-party website. For more information about Tweetdeck Android, keep visiting the page regularly.

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