Top Gaming Headset Manufacturers

the gamer a certain advantage in online projects. For example, it will help you more accurately track the position of the enemies due to the surround sound. You should give serious consideration to the choice of headphones. And you should pay attention to the models from reputable manufacturers in the first place. All manufacturers are trying to adapt to all their customers. That is why you can buy the best gaming headsets under 100 bucks, and the quality will be excellent. We have made a top list of companies that produce headsets for gaming.

Gaming Headset Manufacturers

It is worth noting that this list contains only the best manufacturers of gaming peripherals. We did not include brands that do not pay attention to the gaming segment and produce headphones for smartphones, professional use, and other purposes.

1. Razer

The American company specializes in the production of gaming gadgets – keyboards, mice, headsets, and so on. Razer is very popular, and its range is constantly updated with new models.

Many people criticize the company for the high cost of its devices. Yet the high price is often justified by the innovative technology that it implements in its gadgets. For example, gaming headsets have THX certification, and wireless headphones have the lowest sound delays.

2. Logitech

Logitech is a Swiss manufacturer of computer peripherals and devices for gamers. Logitech G division is responsible for the latter. The company’s portfolio includes models for every taste. Wired and wireless devices, headphones with backlighting and surround sound support, bright or modest design. You will find anything to your liking. The G733 stands out with its cosmic look and impressive sound.

3. HyperX

One of the most popular brands of gaming headphones, a division of the American company Kingston, which specializes in the release of gaming devices. HyperX has several lines of headsets, each of which meets specific needs and requirements. For example, the top Revolver, wireless Cloud Flight, lightweight Cloud Stinger, and so on.

4. SteelSeries

A Danish company that produces quality gaming headsets for PCs and consoles. The list of models includes a wide range of devices, from budget to flagship, both wired and wireless. SteelSeries was one of the first to announce and release headphones for the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 non-nextgen consoles. At the same time, some monotony in the design of the manufacturer’s headsets may take place.


Bloody is the gaming division of computer equipment manufacturer A4Tech. “Trick” brand is a combination of high-quality performance, unusual design, and accessibility devices. Gaming mice, keyboards, headphones are available at a low price. Still, they can compete on equal terms with much more expensive gadgets from top companies.


Russian-Finnish company (production facilities are located in Russia, the brand is registered in Finland), which produces a wide range of accessories for PC. The list of models produced by the manufacturer also contains gaming gadgets, including headsets. Like Bloody, SVEN bets on the cheapness of devices in combination with the convenience of use and support for modern technology. For example, SVEN headphones can offer users surround virtual sound, backlighting, and other options.

7. JBL

American brand, a “daughter” of Harman International Industries, which, in turn, is a subsidiary of Samsung. JBL specializes exclusively in the manufacture of audio equipment and offers a wide range of gadgets. From TWS-headphones and huge party-speakers to children’s and gamer headsets. The latter includes less than a dozen models, but the choice is quite large. From budget to top-end headphones, which can cost up to several hundred dollars.


The Taiwanese corporation produces a wide range of computer hardware. From components and peripherals to finished solutions in the form of notebooks, all-in-one computers, and desktops. The company also has gaming headphones, divided into several lines: premium ROG, balanced TUF, universal Cerberus.

9. Corsair

An American manufacturer of computer hardware and peripherals in the gaming segment. Corsair offers headsets in different price categories. And, if necessary, the user can choose models with the features they want – wireless, RGB backlighting, and so on.

10. Redragon

A fairly popular brand that produces budget gaming devices, including mice, keyboards, mats, chairs, headsets, and so on. Redragon gaming headphones combine recognizable design with the trademark “dragon.” They are known for good sound, a lot of settings, as well as affordable prices.

11. Canyon

Manufacturer of office and gaming peripherals, as well as smart watches and mobile accessories. Canyon’s portfolio includes inexpensive but bright and quite high-quality gamer headsets that can satisfy demanding and cost-conscious users.

12. Hiper

Originally British, now a Hong Kong company, producing a variety of devices. Such as smart home and electric vehicles, gaming peripherals and monoblocks. The manufacturer does its best to produce innovative devices with excellent characteristics and at a reasonable price. This fact gives us reason to include Hiper in the rating of the best headphone manufacturers.

13. Roccat

German manufacturer of computer accessories, which for some time even had its own eSports team. In the Roccat brand portfolio there are several models of gaming headsets available. Among them, the users can find wired and wireless devices, gadgets with virtual surround sound, and RGB lighting.

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