Top 5 Tech Tips to Make Your Devices Last Longer

If the time the average Mexican user stays with a phone is anything to go by, we are a wasteful lot. Did you know that it only takes 18 months to buy a new smartphone in Mexico? Compare that to the average lifespan of three to four years that manufacturers intend these gadgets to last.

Are you wondering how some people spend ages with their gadgets? You can ensure that your equipment has a healthy and extended life by cleaning them and using the proper accessories while betting online and browsing.

Read on to find out how to stay with your tech for longer.

1.  Longevity Begins with Your Purchase

What are you buying next? You must make the appropriate purchase decisions if you want your equipment to endure longer. Refurbished items are an excellent alternative if you can’t afford new ones.

New cheaper options are often not a wise idea. You don’t want to buy something that seems mildly slow now only for it to be unbearably so in a few years.

Also, ensure you buy something with the sturdy build quality. Your device should be able to sustain regular use. Finally, prioritize gadgets with upgradable builds. Technology advances rapidly, and your device should be able to keep up.

2.  Monitor Battery Health

Your device’s battery is the foundation of its performance. Poor battery health equates to an inferior machine. That is why keeping track of the battery’s health and ensuring it is in top shape is vital.

You should consider getting a battery switch if your device’s battery health is below 60%.

Apple iPad and iPhone users can access battery health in settings. Android users need third-party software like AccuBattery.

Windows users can install the BatteryInfoView app. Mac users can access the same from the Apple icon by going to “About This Mac,” then clicking on “System Report,” followed by “Power.” These tools will help you monitor your device’s battery health and prolong its life.

3.  Unburden Your Tech

Imagine being the only doctor in a Turkish hospital with the latest earthquake. You’ve been up for 72 hours with only an hour’s break each day as you try to keep up with the vast number of casualties.

Now, imagine doing the same for the past 12 months. That’s the torture you subject your device to by pilling it with junk you haven’t used in years. Delete unused files and apps every few months.

You can organize your computer files based on usage frequency and eliminate those occupying space for no reason.

If your device’s space is inadequate, invest in external storage. For computers, you can use an external hard drive. Have a memory card for your phone. This unburdening helps your device stay light, work optimally, and last longer.

4.  A Simple Cleanse Goes a Long Way

Is your device not working correctly? Dust and food crumbs can slow down the charging rate of your phone and cause it to overheat. On the other side, filth on the laptop fans might cause the device to overheat.

You can clean your phone ports with canned aerosol or a needle. Clean laptop fans every year using a bottled aerosol or a vacuum cleaner. This simple cleanup can help your equipment stay in good working order for extended periods.

5.  Invest in Quality Accessories and Protective Gear

It’s natural for some of your device’s components to wear down as you use it. That is why you should invest in high-quality accessories to extend the life of your gadget. High-quality chargers, USB cords, and earphones are essential for faster and better performance.

You can also get a robust phone case or laptop sleeve to safeguard your equipment from scratches and damage. Investing in excellent accessories extends not only the life of your smartphone but also improves the user experience.


When your device begins to malfunction, the urge to replace it is immense. But before you do that, consider repairing it first. Something that may cost a few dollars to repair may require you to spend hundreds to thousands on a new phone.

You should also keep your gadgets up to date, use only high-quality accessories, clean them regularly, and monitor the battery condition. Following these precautions ensures you receive your money’s worth from your electronics.

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