The Growing World of Gambling

Whether fun and social event is your main objective, or you wish to develop your skills in predicting professional sporting results, the current gambling industry really does have something to offer for everyone. With the industry now worth an approximate £13 billion and growing more each day, the business seems to be as popular as ever, with endless sites to choose from, like Timeform. Here are some of the ways in which the industry has advanced in recent years.


Online Betting

The rise in technology advancements has had a major effect on the world of gambling, allowing customers to play and participate anywhere in the world at any time of day due to the advantages of online betting. With the increase of mobile apps and online betting sites in recent years, gambling is accessible to everyone as opposed to a select few. While the traditional high street bookmakers are still an option for many, having the opportunity to bet and play online is a preference for many busy people. In just a few clicks you can be involved, whether that be live streaming horse racing or playing fruit machines online. Gambling is now a possibility from the comfort of your sofa or on your morning commute. Lottery tickets are now available to not only buy online but their results can be checked via the website too, a convenience for many who still wish to participate in the weekly draws.

Social Events

While the online platform of gambling is ever growing, there is still the opportunity to attend casinos and bookmakers with friends and family to try your luck at your favourite game. The social aspect of gambling is still a desirable feature to the industry. Racing events such as Ladies Day are still highly popular and prestigious occasions in the UK. The social aspect of dressing up and attending the races is still as significant and admired in today’s society as it always has been. Likewise, arcades that contain fruit and slot machines are still widely dispersed throughout major towns and cities, leading to social events and celebrations still being held in such locations.


Just a quick internet search can provide you with an endless list of offers and promotions from gambling websites and apps, enticing customers to use their service as opposed to a competitor. The move to online makes these types of offers even more accessible, digital accounts and wallets being regularly used to hold customers money throughout their play. Loyalty points and beginners’ bets are commonly used in the industry, meaning consumers can gain money or rewards simply from signing up, playing and placing an initial bet. Likewise, most casinos will offer a complimentary voucher to new members, often handing out free drinks with a certain number of free bets to get them started. These bids to gain bettors loyalty and attention are signs of the gambling industries popularity in the modern age. The number of customers browsing and obtaining these promotions is increasing constantly.

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