The best security apps for Android phones

Android has been the number one mobile operating system on the market for a long time. Over 80 percent of smartphones and tablets sold worldwide use Android as their system. Our cell phone contains a lot of sensitive data and information that must not fall into the wrong hands. In addition to personal data that is stored, bank and account data is also something that must be well protected. The cell phone is being used more and more in this area of life: Banking apps are becoming increasingly popular and are replacing traditional online banking with TAN generators. Mobile payments via app are also becoming more and more popular. In this article, we report on which security apps are essential for cell phones.

Why do you need a security app?

Cyber criminals with bot networks and crypto miner try to hijack as many mobile devices as possible and harness them for their own purposes. This is because Android devices are usually available for 24 hours and are always online. With three billion devices being currently active according to statistics, Android users represent a large target group for criminals. If you don’t want to be a victim, you should protect your Android smartphone with a good security software. The most important task of these security apps is, of course, to defend against contaminated or spying applications for Android. The apps check in the background whether applications are safe and prevent sensitive data from being intercepted. Especially people who use their phones for banking transactions should install such an app. This also applies to people who use their cell phones for online gambling. On the one hand, it is of course important to only play with reputable providers. Comparison portals like VegasSlotsOnline help to find the best online casinos, which have good bonus offers and a diverse game selection with many table games such as Baccarat and Poker and slots. Such comparison portals are free of charge and allow a good overview of the many providers with just one click. Playing with reputable providers is important and prevents customers from being ripped off. Nevertheless, a security app helps to ensure that data cannot be intercepted during transfers to the casino account or during other transactions.

Recommended security precautions

Android users should always keep an eye on security. Google has its own virus protection with Play Protect, but it is not very effective. A security app is therefore definitely worth considering. If you limit yourself to the Play Store and the top apps, not much can go wrong, but it is still a good plan to take precautions. You do not necessarily have to spend money for this, even though the top virus scanners have to be paid for. It’s best to try a free app like Sophos Mobile Security. A password manager is also important. The free version of LastPass covers everything that private users need. If you do not want a password service that synchronizes the encrypted passwords via cloud, you can also use KeePass2Android. A VPN service for secure surfing rounds off the security features, such as the free application ProtonVPN. According to a test by the Independent IT Security Institute, a total of five apps performed best in all tests. The apps are from vendors such as Bitdefender, G DATA, McAfee, NortonLifeLock and Trend Micro. Avast, AVG and Kaspersky also scored almost as good and are recommendable security apps. During the test, the lab also pays attention to the system load caused by the protection apps. The focus is on how much the processor is loaded, how much data is loaded in the background and whether this affects the battery. The aforementioned providers also scored in this discipline. The apps from Avast and AVG can be used on an Android device for free. For the other apps mentioned, a small fee is charged for an annual license. In return, many apps also come with other very useful extras, such as network protection, a WLAN guide, an app rights checker and much more.

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