The Best Educational Apps for iOS

Sometimes you want an app that’s purely a laugh and there are a whole load to choose from if that’s the criteria. However, other times you might want to mix a little bit of education in with your play time. In that case finding an app can be a little harder, but there’s still plenty of choice out there. We’ve brought together some of the best educational apps available for iOS and reviews them all here, so that all of the hard brain work can be saved for the apps themselves.


First on the list is certainly the most famous, but for a good reason, it’s brilliant. Helped by Duo the lovable green owl, you’ll be taken on a language journey in just about any language you could possibly want to learn. Whether you’re keeping it traditional with a bit of French before you set off on holiday, or you’ve always wanted to converse in Klingon with your mates, Duolingo can help you. The app centers around a pretty broad selection of mini-games that are designed to help you improve your language skills in a way that mimics real life. In as little as five minutes a day you can quite quickly begin to understand basic sentence structures and boost your confidence in a second language. If you struggle to keep yourself accountable to regular practice then you can even set helpful reminders to jolt you into action.


Plato is the next app on the list. Apps with multiple games are always great and this one is no exception. You’ll want to familiarize yourself with the poker rules and some chess openers before you really get going, but once you’ve got the basics down you’ll have a great time. The game allows you to play a wide variety of games and also chat to people who you play with. If you enjoy the social aspect of gaming but sometimes struggle to find friends who are interested in the same games as you then this is really useful. It also serves as a handy way to get feedback on your playing style. When you come up against an opponent who you really struggle to play against then you’ll be able to ask for some constructive criticism and some helpful pointers, helping you to become a better player.

History App

History is a truly fascinating subject and having it delivered to you in easily digestible chunks just makes it even better. The History app, from the History Channel, does exactly that. You can select particular periods that you’re most interested in and they’ll send you information on a daily basis. Alternatively you can leave it to the app to show you whatever they think you’ll be interested in. The facts that they send tend to take the form of short stories, making them simple to understand and brilliantly easy to remember and recount. If you ever find yourself floundering on general knowledge quizzes then we couldn’t recommend this app enough. The only effort you have to make is reading it!

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