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CBD is gaining crazy popularity among consumers of all categories today. Thus, it’s not surprising that people joining the CBD industry lose their way at first, unsure of what items to buy and how to derive maximum benefits from CBD. The number of CBD manufacturers and brands also rises daily, making the selection even more complicated. Thus, it is imperative to use expert guidance in product selection, thus avoiding a waste of money and substandard CBD use experiences.

Here’s the AskGrowers CBD collection based on the user’s choice and expert ratings. You can try any of these picks out without risks or quality concerns, as all products in our rating are carefully reviewed and quality-tested.

How We Select Products

First, let’s briefly cover the selection criteria for the list of indisputable hits that AskGrowers recommends to users and website visitors. The main parameters we look at when recommending products are as follows:

  • Brand reputation. There are tons of old and new CBD brands in the market today, and making a choice is very hard at times. Every brand claims to be the best, so consumers are often misled or confused about specific manufacturers’ pros and comparative benefits. We at AskGrowers know what to look at, so we rate brands by the source of their hemp, extraction practices, third-party lab testing, and other criteria to pick only the best.
  • Quality of ingredients. CBD is not the only compound included in CBD products (unless it’s CBD isolate). Thus, we review the recommended products’ quality and source of supplementary ingredients to ensure they are safe, organic, and non-allergic.
  • Organic, US-sourced hemp. The source of hemp used in manufacturing also plays a role. We give preference to brands that either have their own sustainable hemp farms in the USA or source hemp from organic producers, thus ensuring that the core ingredient is top-grade.
  • Price. The price-quality ratio also plays an essential part in the process of product selection. Many mediocre products are overpriced because of the brand’s heavy investments in marketing, while other items may possess premium quality and be moderately priced. Thus, we compare all parameters to advise optimally priced products without compromising quality.
  • User reviews. The users’ experiences and the effects they feel after using specific products are critical components of any item’s selection. Users share sincere impressions and discuss products openly on third-party websites and forums, thus giving us an objective view of what this or that product represents.


Our Top 5 Picks for Users

Here’s our top list of CBD products for beginners and mature users. They have been chosen based on the abovementioned parameters to ensure your acquaintance with CBD goes on the right note.

#1 FOCL Day CBD Capsules

FOCL is one of the best-known CBD brands in the American market and internationally. The company was founded in 2019 and has been working for 5+ years to deliver premium-quality CBD items for users. This bottle of CBD capsules contains six powerful ingredients for a boost of wellness and balance; it’s fully THC-free, thus ensuring the absence of intoxication or high feelings. The formula is specifically meant for calming the user’s mind and restoring focus and concentration. Thus, capsules are ideal for daytime use, helping you overcome the stresses and pressures of the day.

The bottle contains 60 capsules, which will be enough for 1-2 months of use, depending on your daily required CBD dose. The manufacturer advises taking two caps daily, thus giving you 30 servings in one bottle. Every capsule comes with 10mg CBD and also features energy-boosting adaptogens, immunity stimulants, the extracts of Rhodiola rosea, bacopa monnieri, lion’s mane mushroom, l-theanine, and vitamin B6. Thus, this mix of vital organic ingredients is sure to make your day and help you stay productive and focused longer.

#2 Procana CBD Disposable Vape Pen Tangie

This CBD vaping pen is affordable and high-quality, which is ideal for consumers wishing to try CBD vaping out and looking for an optimal product for starters. The vaping liquid contains 0% THC, which frees you from the risks of feeling dizzy or intoxicated. The pen is packed with 200mg of active CBD, serving you long enough and covering your CBD needs.

Unlike many other disposable pens made of cheap plastic, this one is produced of stainless steel. Thus, it’s a durable and convenient solution for environmentally conscious users. The 400 MAH battery will ensure quick vaporization and thick, dense smoke clouds. The ingredients are absolutely safe and organic, with CBD isolate, terpenes, natural oils, and a natural tangie flavor in the mix.

#3 Green Roads CBD Mint Breeze Oil

The product will suit any user due to its universal content and wide range of applications. The main component is Mint Breeze broad-spectrum CBD oil that contains under 0.01% THC. This oil was derived from hemp seed and mixed with top-grade sunflower oil, sunflower lecithin, and MCT oil for better bioavailability and absorption.

The bottle of Green Roads CBD Mint Breeze Oil contains 30ml of the product, with 30 servings (1ml per serving) containing 10mg of CBD each. The total amount of CBD per bottle is 1,500mg. Thus, this vegan-friendly, GMO-free, and totally organic oil can serve your CBD needs for over one month, pleasing you with a refreshing mint flavor that conceals the earthy undertones of hemp.

#4 Cornbread Full-Spectrum CBD Gummies (1,500 mg)

Cornbread is also among the favorite brands of the AskGrowers team due to its commitment to the quality and production of top-grade CBD merchandise in Kentucky. This pick will be beneficial for mature CBD users, as each gummy in the jar is packed with 50 mg of CBD and 2mg THC – a potent formula for relaxation and stress relief. The gummies contain high-quality full-spectrum CBD extract and have a mouth-watering berry flavor achieved with the help of organic flavorings. Thus, the jar of 30 gummies will become a trusted stress reliever for one month, giving users relaxation, improved focus, and a boost of energy whenever needed.

#5 Hempzilla CBD PreRoll CBG Flower (100mg)

Hempzilla is also one of the renounced leaders in the American CBD market, with its best-quality hemp products for all kinds of users. This pre-roll contains CBD flower and is additionally infused with the invigorating cannabinoids – CBG – to help users derive maximum benefits from the use of raw hemp. This pre-roll will please even the pickiest CBD connoisseurs with a mix of woody and cedar aromas. Users report that after smoking this pre-roll, they experience mild relaxing and soothing effects without impairment of their sociability. Thus, the pre-roll is a must-try for everyone looking for an authentic, natural remedy for their health conditions.

Final Word

Obviously, this list of products is not everything we have on offer. The AskGrowers website contains hundreds of carefully selected product picks in all CBD categories, such as edibles, vaping devices, pre-rolls, topicals, oils, capsules, and cat treats. We also feature a list of CBD concentrates and CBD flower collections and can consult users on the CBD product selection for specific health conditions. Visit our website to start your CBD journey right.

The material was prepared by Lana Braslavska, a member of the AskGrowers team with profound experience in CBD product selection. Lana collaborates with CBD brands to ensure AskGrowers recommends the best items for safe, responsible, and effective CBD consumption.

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