Tech That’s Powering Up Gaming: Now and in the Future

The speed at which gaming is evolving is electrifying.  Gone are the days when Pacman, Super Mario, and Pokémon caused a stir.  Today, right now you can immerse yourself in seriously gorgeous worlds and take an active part in the stories, usually along with a fair percentage of the estimated 15 million planetary gamers.

Whether you have a penchant for piracy, Desert Storm war games, gunslinging in the Wild West or bending it like Beckham, you can fire up your gaming console, smartphone or PC and become an incisive component of game play.  You can get down and dirty in a role that gives you the freedom to express yourself outside of the restrictive boundaries that define our lives.  And best of all, you’ve got the real-life characters of the international gaming communities as newly acquired friends.


The Remote Gaming Package is as Slick as Netflix

Breakthroughs in 3D imagery and animation technologies have delivered a remote gaming package that’s as slick as the best-ever cinematography to come out of Hollywood, Bollywood and Netflix.  Now, with a little help from a blockchain-based loyalty program that spans gaming platforms and brands, you will have the opportunity to ignite the game engines and earn crypto in the same way as you’d earn chips, tokens or crisp hard cash at an online casino nz

That’s not the only notable addition to the ever-expanding gaming market.  The imminent arrival of Oculus Quest is expected to drive the VR gaming experience to edifying new heights.  The new iteration of the Oculus Rift is a standalone solution that is destined to shove virtual reality front and centre in all game developers’ and players’ minds.

How are the blockchain and Oculus hardware upgrades going to give gaming a serious lift?  Let’s take a quick look and see.

How Blockchain-Based Loyalty Rewards Can Monetise Gaming… Both Ways  

What the Israeli creators of the Buff loyalty program are doing is building an in-game rewards system on the blockchain to complement existing game economies.  It’s like an additional sweetener for playing through and earning in-game achievements.  

It’s the icing on the rewards cake but instead of using it exclusively in the same game where you earned it, Buff coins are readily exchangeable for in-game items at any game and on any platform that has subscribed to the program.  In other words, it’s another way of earning lucrative incentives while you achieve your quest… and lucrative they most certainly will be, as they’ll be ‘crowdfunded’ by the anticipated mass subscriber base.

It’s not only gamers who’ll benefit from this cross-brand and cross-platform rewards system.  The game publishers are likely to use it as a unique selling point to shift their virtual wares in what is an increasingly competitive market.  Anything that can differentiate their games from the deluge of creative and cutting-edge gaming products that are streaming in from the burgeoning indie development sector is likely to be embraced with enthusiasm. 

Is the future of gaming one where players can win millions of dollars’ worth of crypto simply for playing their favourite titles in their own home and being good at it?  Will casual gaming ever rival online casino gambling in terms of pay outs?  Only time will tell.

Oculus Quest: The Smart Standalone AR Gaming Device Tipped to Maximise the UX

Now to the game-changing wizardry of VR gaming via Oculus Quest.  The new VR headset from the Oculus stable is packed with cutting edge features that are designed to refine the gaming experience.

It’s a standalone gaming tool, so apart from the intuitive hand controls, there are no wires, consoles, computers or devices to hamper the freedom of movement you want to transfer from real-life into the virtual gaming world.  That means seamless integration between two worlds and a more immersive and fulfilling gaming experience.

You’ll enjoy an immense six degrees of freedom in expressing yourself – whether you’re swinging a sabre at your mortal enemy, leaping over obstacles in pursuit of your prey or serving a blistering ace right down the centre line.

Sophisticated Touch controller tracking uses computer vision algorithms and four wide-angle sensors built-in to the headset to track your position in real-life.  Along with the maximised immersion that only VR can provide, the Oculus Quest headset supports the kind of mind-blowing mobility required to divide and conquer in the virtual world.

The Future of Gaming is Anyone’s Guess

What does the future of gaming look like?  There are obviously expectations that we’ll see new and enthralling gaming platforms that we can’t even begin to imagine.

Pundits are of the view that the next gaming interfaces may well be TV, where players can access the games via the cloud or dedicated subscriber-based entertainment networks similar in form to Showmax or Netflix. That’s not too much of a leap as we already have Cloud Gaming or Gaming-as-a-Service (GaaS).

Games and Game Mechanics Will Change Along with Age-Related Demographics  

What will the games be like?  It’s really anybody’s guess but what we do know is that games are destined to change as the average gaming age climbs.  We’re already witnessing the emergence of collaborative cross-generational gaming.  Expectations are that the older gaming demographics may well drive the development of innovative new game mechanics based on what more mature gamers want to be able to see and do in-game.

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