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You are quite lucky to be born in the era of the AI world, where everything is quick and easy to access. You can get your work done within minutes without wasting your precious time. Just like other online stuff, you can use a summary generator to create short summaries. Now, some of you might be wondering, what is that? If you don’t know what a summary generator or a summarizer is, we have created a section where you can read what it is and its uses.


And for those of you who already have an idea about what a summary tool is, then you must be here to find the best ones to use for your content. So in this blog, we have done some heavy research and found out the top best AI summary tools that will fulfill all your content-related needs! But before that we will talk about what a summarizing tool is, as we promised!


So read on and discover what an AI summary tool is all about, various tools, features and much more. We are sure, these time-saving summarization tools are going to make you more productive than ever!


What is a summarize tool or a summarizer?

A summarization tool is an AI tool that converts long or lengthy content into short paragraphs. In layman’s terms, it digests big articles and converts them into bit-sized readable sentences. Such tools also allow you to choose the length of your summaries, have user-friendly designs, accurate algorithms,, and much more.

Now that you have a clear idea about what a summary tool is, let’s have a look at the best ones available online.

  1. is an advanced yet free summary generator that works as fast as sound. It will start a generator summary as soon as you enter the texts in the input area. On this platform, you will find two boxes on the screen. In the box, you need to type in or paste the texts and in the second box, the summary generator displays the results.

Ain’t it easy? Moving on..

  1. Scholarcy

Scholarcy is an amazing summarize tool, beneficial for both, online article writing as well as academic online writing. It has the best AI that detects not only key points but also key facts. Furthermore, it gets references for the users, so they don’t have to find them. And if you have a subscription, then it saves summaries automatically. So you can go back to the summary generator and search through the summarized article on your computer or phone. This feature makes it very easy to go back and forth and reference the converted summary as per your needs.

So yes, Scholarcy is the best deal you can get!

  1. Resoomer

We have been hearing a lot out Resoomer summary tool lately! Don’t fret! This AI tool is in the talk among the content generators for how it converts the hard-to-read texts into understandable summary. This is a free tool that neatly summarizes length paragraphs. Moreover, it uses natural language processing and replicates into crisp summaries. Resoomer summary generator is best for academy writing.

  1. Text Compactor

Text Compactor is the next in our summary tools list which is completely free. This tool allows you to set the percentage of the texts in summary. You won’t find any bugging ads on its website and do not need any registration. Though this summary tool is quite user-friendly, it does not have any option to import URLs or files and save the results into different file types.

  1. Summary Generator

The last one in our list of top summarize tools is Summary Generator which is gaining popularity among college and university students. It is a free summary tool, easy to use, and comes with two buttons- first button is to summarize and the second button is to clear the field. With this app on your device, you can generate a variety of brief summaries. Plus, you don’t need to register. The only drawback of this summary generator is: It has too many ads.

So these were some of our hand-picked summary tools that might make your job easier. We are sure that some of these AI tools are definitely going to become your favorites in future!

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