Top Subscene Alternatives 2021 | The Best Similar Sites like SubScene to download Subtitles for Free

It is very annoying when you have downloaded a movie or TV show from the internet and when you play it and found out that it doesn’t have subtitles. Well, a movie fan doesn’t limit love for movies or TV shows to particular languages and that is why you can use Subscene to download subtitles in more than 50 different languages. Due to some restrictions, many users are unable to access Subscene and nothing comes near to Subscene when you want to download subtitles for any video content.


Here, we are going to tell you some other similar sites like Subscene where you can download subtitles just like you do in subscene.

What Is Subscene?

If you are here to find out the top alternatives to subscene then you might be familiar with subscene and what it does but you are here to find best sites to download subtitles for movies and TV shows then let us tell you that Subscene is a website where you can download free subtitles of movies from any part of the world. Subscene is open-source so users can submit their own subtitles to any video, movie, or TV show episodes. Users can download subtitles from these below-mentioned languages:

English, Arabic, Bengali, Spanish, Russian, Tamil, Finnish, Bulgarian, Romanian, Czech, Danish, Icelandic, Dutch, Estonian, French, Slovak, German, Vietnamese Greek, Hungarian, Farsi/Persian, Indonesian, Ukrainian, Chinese, Italian, Japanese, Thai, Korean, Telugu, Lithuanian, Malay, Norwegian, Polish, Hebrew, Portuguese, Serbian, Sinhala, Turkish, Slovenian, Swedish, Malayalam, Latvian, and there are many more languages.

How to Download Subtitles for any Movie or TV show from Subscene?

If you are here that means you don’t need any additional knowledge about how to download subtitles from subscene or any other site but let us describe so other noob users can know about it.

All you will want to open the subscene and search for the movie or TV show episode/series in the search bars. Now, you will be shown several results, click on the best matched and you will find the whole list of subtitles in multiple languages. Remember, all the subtitles will be shown according to the alphabetical names of the languages available.

Click on the subtitles which matched perfectly for the video you have downloaded. (Check whether it is BrRip, Blu-ray, x265, x264, Xvid, or any codec) Now you will be led to the next page where you have to click on the download option and within seconds it will be downloaded on your device.

Top Similar Sites Like Subscene 2021 | Best Alternatives to Subscene

In our opinion, Subscene is, without a doubt, the best website to download subtitles in all languages. But we human beings are not satisfied with the single thing and we need multiple options of everything that is why we would like to present here some of the best sites to download subtitles which can be great subscene alternatives in 2021 or in any year.


If you usually find and download subtitles from the internet then you must know OpenSubtitles. This site could be one of the best alternatives to subscene when it comes to downloading free subtitles for any movie or TV show in any language. This site has got a huge collection of subtitles in every movie, TV show, video, documentaries, or music video exists.

The site offers subtitles in more than 55 different languages. You can directly find subtitles from the search option and also use the filters according to the year, genre, ratings, etc.


This is another subscene alternative to download subtitles from the internet for free. The site has a very similar interface to subscene and it is popular among the movie lovers already. Addic7ed has also got a feature of dark mode that we find on Subscene. The collection of the subtitles in more than 30 languages is enough for your quest.

Users can submit their own subtitles if they feel the site doesn’t have it. Mainly it has got subtitles for tv-series and movies. This alternative can be the best for you when you want subtitles for the latest films and series.


SubIT is also a popular and trustworthy site to download movies and tv shows subtitles. SubIT is a great subscene alternative. You just have to look for your titles on the site and you will find. On this site, you will see subtitles of some popular movies and TV shows on the landing page.

It is open-source so you can download as well as submit your subtitles on the site. The app version of the site is available which lets you download any subtitle quickly.


Another top similar site like subscene is Megasubtitles. This site has a unique collection of subtitles from multiple languages. The site presents subtitles just like subscene. You could read a little IMDB description of the movie or TV series and you can download subtitles in all the available languages.

The site is free just like other sites on this list but this site runs ads but to bypass them you can install an Adblocker browser extension. Plus, users cannot request subtitles if they don’t here.


This site very simple and very easy to use just like its name says. It is a great alternative to Subscene to download subtitles in any language as it has got subtitles in more than 50 languages. The site works like magic and it also has a desktop client. You just have to search for the title in the search bar and you will get everything in the results.

If your video file doesn’t have a correct name then you can drag the video file in the app and it will find the subtitles and video name for you. The site can also be used in more than 8 languages. You don’t need to sign up to download subtitles from here.

Final words…

These are the best sites like Subscene to download free subtitles. We recommend try subscene first as it has got everything and if it is not accessible for that time or it has geo-restriction then you can use the sites given here as the Subscene alternatives.

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