Sonoshine – Is this Teeth Cleaner a Scam?

Sonoshine is a recently launched ultrasonic teeth cleaner that has created a rage these days. It assures you to offer sparkling white teeth without visiting a dentist in person. Sonoshine produces 12000 vibrations, thus eliminating plaque buildup in seconds.

But since the instrument is new, most people wonder if it is safe to use. So, if you are struggling with similar doubts and queries, this guide should interest you. Our experts have reviewed these dental instruments from the inside and out,  studied customer reviews to date, and compiled a genuine review about Sonoshine.

So, don’t wait further; keep scrolling and learn if Sonoshine is a safe tooth cleaner or a scam. Read this review guide to the end, and understand its advantages and pitfalls before investing your hard-earned cash in this innovative instrument.

What is Sonoshine?

Since you have ended up on this review, we’ve assumed that you have already known the basics of Sonoshine. But for those who missed it, Sonoshine is committed to delivering professional-quality dental cleaning without scheduling expensive appointments with dentists.

It is an advanced ultrasonic tooth cleaner containing the power of ultrasonics, thus helping maintain the health of your teeth. This product provides the most effective method to eliminate plaque and tarter calculus.

The instrument is infused with ultrasonic technology that helps this item makes extremely efficient. It provides high-frequency vibrations, 26000 – 31000 beats per minute. Sonoshine is super convenient to charge, as it requires a simple USB charging port to get started. You can charge the instrument using a PC or power bank. The technology drives a deep cleaning between teeth and along the gum line, thus removing more stains than your casual brushing.

What are the key features of Sonoshine?

Here’s a quick rundown of the key features of Sonoshine. Scroll through them and see if the instrument is worth spending your money or not. Do not get tempted by the hype and carefully read these features to discover if the device lives up to the expectations.

  • It produces as many as 12000 vibrations per minute (equivalent to 26000 – 31000 beats per minute).
  • The tool is made up of high-quality, clinical-grade alloy steel and meals-grade silicone and is thus safe and durable.
  • It has five different settings, so you can adjust them according to your requirements.
  • Sonoshine helps remove Tarter and Plaque effortlessly. It is free from any harmful ingredients or metals, thus keeping the whole process of dental cleaning safe and sound.
  • It is simple to use and involves no fancy buttons or features.
  • The box includes a charging cable, an instrument, a dental mirror, and a user’s manual to get started.

What are the Disadvantages of Using Sonoshine?

To your surprise, many. Although Sonoshine looks marvelous and innovative at first glance, it is loaded with tons of downsides that should be addressed before making a final purchase. Below we have mentioned a few of them.

  • First of all, this ultrasonic teeth cleaner can damage your teeth and gums. It boasts a sharp metal tip that may traumatize your gums if misused.
  • Its high vibration rate may also irritate the gum sickness.
  • Although it promises to clean plaque and tarter calculus instantly, the reality is not effective as it may sound. Sonoshine doesn’t clean the teeth effectively while making your mouth susceptible to bacterial infections.
  • It also damages the crowns and veneers and makes them exposed to staining.

Should I use the Sonoshine?

Well, the answer depends on your preferences. However, we strongly suggest not to use this ultrasonic teeth cleaner. Rather, you should pay a visit to the dentist and avoid using this sharp object to clean your teeth and gums.

Many users already dodged a complaint against the bogus claims of this instrument. Hence, it is advised to read customer reviews first and only then make a purchase accordingly.


We hope you have now got all your answers about Sonoshine. While Sonoshine isn’t a scam, the device is also not safe enough to replace a dentist appointment. Its metal tip is highly dangerous and can damage your teeth and gums badly. Hence, instead of using this at-home dentist alternative, it’s safe to schedule your appointment with a well-reputed dentist near you and get super brightening, healthy teeth without causing any damage or harm.

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