How To Solve Monster Hunter Now Error 6-4?

Have you always wanted to hunt down monsters by yourself? Well, while you can’t do it by yourself, there are ways that online games like Monster Hunt Now have made that experience possible for users. That said, with good comes a few consequences too.

If you are playing Monster Hunter Now, experiencing the Error 6-4 is quite common. Many users have reported that they have similar experiences while playing this augmented reality game.

But, why is it happening and how can you fix the error? More on that and the details about the troubleshooting steps will be discussed in this guide.

Why is the Error 6-4 Occurring on Monster Now?

If you are experiencing the common error 6-4 while playing Monster Hunter Now, be assured that you aren’t the only person. Several other users have complained of experiencing similar problems while playing this game.

The most common reason why you are experiencing the error is due to developer interference, who are working on tracking down the cheating.

Several gamers were using location spoofing to augment their gameplay and that’s something the developers are working on tracking down. This means that if you are implementing some kind of unethical approach in the game, you will experience Error 6-4.

One player also reported that they experienced this particular error code when they were collecting their free gems in the game. So, that’s another factor that the developers will have to pay close attention to.

Is it possible to fix the Error 6-4 on Monster Hunter Now?

If you are spoofing your location to get wider access to more monsters and “cheat” in the game, that’s something that the developers are banning at the moment.

This means that any kind of cheating or spoofing in the game will restrict your gameplay and show that error.

However, in genuine cases like with collecting free gems, the developers have not only looked into the issue but have implemented a relevant fix so that’s not becoming an issue for the players.

How to Fix Error 6-4 on Monster Hunt Now?

If you want to play Monster Hunt genuinely and without implementing unethical means, you should be good to proceed with the process.

But, keep in mind that if you want to continue spoofing your location while playing the game, you’d need access to an Android device for that.

Besides that, the following are a few fixes we’d personally recommend you implement to overcome the error:

1.    Disable fake GPS app

With Monster Hunt Now, one of the biggest issues that the developers have encountered is with the players spoofing their location. Due to this, many players are even on “soft ban”.

If you are experiencing Error 6-4, it simply means that the game has detected that you are using a GPS spoofer and won’t start back up until you disable the app.

So, depending on the app that you have downloaded and that’s changing your location, you’d need to launch that particular app and ensure that you disable it when playing Monster Hunt.

2.    Update the game

Sometimes, error codes could be a temporary glitch, which can happen when you aren’t playing the latest version of the game.

If that’s the case with Monster Hunt too, we’d recommend that you first check if there are any relevant updates available. If there are updates, you’d need to download and install them to overcome the software glitch.

3.    Double-check the internet connection

Slow or unstable internet connection is another potential reason why you are experiencing Error 6-4 on Monster Hunt.

Since the game is entirely online, you need to be connected to high-speed internet to be able to play this game seamlessly. So, check your Wi-Fi’s internet speed on the online websites and see if it’s slow or down.

If the internet speed is slow, you can consider switching to a different network or resetting your router and modem to improve its functions.


Experiencing Error 6-4 on Monster Hunt Now is a lot more common than you think. If you have been struggling with similar issues, it is quintessential that you prioritize the troubleshooting tips we have mentioned here. Besides that, avoid using unethical gaming practices because that’s what leads to such errors in the first place.


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