Smartphone:Never-ending Source of Entertainment

The smartphone is the gadget that has changed people’s lives the most. Its effect on everyday life is such that many would not know what to do without them. In less than ten years, the smartphone has gone from being a luxury to a necessity, creating several previously unimaginable industries around it, such as apps, which in 2015 alone reached a turnover of 14,000 million dollars. The CCS (Consumer Connection System) study reveals that 71% of adolescents would feel lost without their mobile phones.

Famous Apps

We can find many different types of apps, such as applications that serve us for our work, applications to communicate, or simply to entertain ourselves. The latter are the ones that are flourishing the most lately since they give users the possibility of disconnecting from the real world and being able to have a pleasant and quiet time. Among these entertainment-oriented applications, games stand out, as this section has become one of the main sources of income for mobile application development companies. These games for entertainment not only allow you to play but also allow you to face any user who is playing anywhere in the world. But entertainment is not only about games, as there are many other applications that allow us to develop activities that we like, such as painting, editing photos, editing our own videos, and much more.

Music Streaming

When it comes to music consumption, streaming platforms like Spotify have changed both the way we listen to songs and the patterns we follow when doing so. The importance of albums has diminished, giving way to the emergence of playlists, among which those that have been developed around a mood or state of mind, stand out. Moreover, we can choose what music to listen to depending on how we feel or depending on what activity we are doing. At work you can listen to the list of songs entitled At work, and when you return home after a long day at the office, Spotify will offer to play the list of Chill Songs. This new way of consuming music leaves behind the individual albums that used to be bought and listened to from start to finish. In addition, mobile streaming services offer the convenience of always carrying a device with access to a huge library of songs and playlists.

Online Gaming

The entertainment sector, in general, has evolved in such a radical way that in the last twenty years new industries have sprung up that previously could not even have been imagined. And those that existed before have evolved a lot in a matter of a few years. When it comes to video games, mobile phones have not only changed the way of playing by providing the user with a portable and always accessible video console, but they have also universalized this type of fun, eliminating the need to have an electronic device specially intended for video games. Many experts believe that the future of gaming as an industry and as a hobby lies in the portability of mobile phones and their applications. The same goes for online games of chance. The traditional casinos and the physical betting houses that you had to go to in person have given way to the best online casinos, where you are given all the tools to determine how good an online casino site is, and also how to make the most of lucrative bonuses and play safely.


Mobile phones also provide us with applications and web pages that offer what used to be on-demand radio programs. The so-called podcasts have made their way as an alternative to traditional radio. With no need to wait for a designated time to listen to a particular radio show, the immediate availability of podcasts is the reason why so many have switched from radio to the web. Furhermore, radio is more of an instant medium meaning once the show is over, you canĀ“t listen to it again, which is not the case with podcasts. However, most of radio stations also have their own online podcasts as an alternative for those who prefer it.

These changes introduced by smartphone technology are here to stay. The turns that the world of entertainment has taken in recent years and the new ways of consuming it have meant a radical change that is difficult to undo.

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