Should You Buy Backlinks in 2021?

Link building is one of the most effective SEO optimization methods. White hat SEO link building is a method of attracting the target audience, increasing coverage, attendance, and page popularity. It is a website promotion by inserting auxiliary links into the text. Competent filling of the site with links can improve the company image and promote the page to the first positions in the search engine.


Tips for Increasing the Popularity of the Website

Pick reputable qualified sources. Choose those link providers that will engage potential customers to your company. All links should correspond to the theme of your site and correlate with the target audience.

Create quality content that users want to share online. Thus, your audience will automatically advertise your resource. To increase the interest of the website content, include:

  • exclusive materials
  • useful polls
  • video content
  • interviews
  • current topics

Explore your audience. To promote a resource, it is important to know your target audience. To do this, post different types of content and monitor the coverage and response rate.

If you carefully study the target audience and provide high-quality website content, its external optimization will happen by itself. Users will share useful content, filling your site with free traffic.

Crowd Marketing

Crowd marketing is one of the popular types of link building. It is a method of attracting the target audience by writing comments including your link. Roughly speaking, it is a work with reviews. You have to find an appropriate blog or page and then write a comment that recommends your resource. It is important to choose a suitable theme for the publication. It has to correlate with the subjects of your website and be useful for other readers.

Crowd marketing is often used by a lot of SEO specialists. This method is safe, cheap, and effective.

Guest Posting

Guest posting is a method that allows you to reach a large number of users and increase the spread of your page between the audiences of a blogger or ad resource. It is a great promotional method if you have chosen a trusted and appropriate source. However, poor quality or inappropriate guest posting will not do the trick. There is a great risk of just wasting money. It is important to analyze all the pros and cons of this strategy.


  • Large audience coverage
  • Ability to attract potential customers
  • An opportunity to profitably represent your company
  • Increasing confidence in your brand


  • The high cost of blogging services
  • The necessity of creating a competent advertising presentation, which acquires additional money and specialists
  • The risk of getting poor results if you have chosen the wrong advertising platform

What Not to Do

Some unscrupulous web specialists seek to quickly increase traffic and often use dishonest methods. And it is only worsening your company’s reputation.

Bad quality links. Some companies buy low-quality random links on exchanges, which often do not correspond to the topic of the site. Such links are not useful to users and are considered spam by most resources. If such links are found, your site may be lowered to 20 positions in the search engine. Cooperate only with trusted and authoritative companies that fit the subject of your product, such as:

  • Bloomberg
  • Eurostat
  • The Guardian
  • Forbes
  • The Daily Mirror

Imitation of users. Since search engines take into account human behavioral factors, some companies artificially wind up their activity on the site. Special people are hired, who find your site in a search engine and perform certain actions:

  • Clicks
  • Scrolls
  • Waiting on page
  • Crossing on link

Thus, the page should quickly get to the top of search engines. But, in reality, everything is different. The system recognizes artificial users and excludes such pages from search engines for a year or more.

An overabundance of keys. Keywords and phrases are literal user queries related to your topic. If they are present in the text, then they must be competently and organically entered into it. With an overabundance of keys, the meaning and form of the text are lost. Such texts are not useful to the reader. Search engines recognize texts overloaded with keywords and can ex

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