ERR_INTERNET_DISCONNECTED is a simple and common error if your life is connected with internet world, we received many messages from our viewers regarding this error which creates a barrier between them and internet. This error is not a big deal to resolve every one can resolve this problem; the only thing need is a little guidance and few steps to clear the picture of how to resolve ERR_INTERNET_DISCONNECTED.

First of all, you have to know what is ERR_INTERNET_DISCONNECTED actually means and how it appears in the browser while surfing the internet. So as we say that this error is not the big deal to resolve because it is the common message which shows on the Google Chrome internet browser due to many reasons and out of that we have to check every problem of which this error occurs and stop us to do internet surfing.

Before we come to the main point we have to know that which of the barrier is stopping the internet connection and not getting pass through internet connection which will help us to resolve this problem very easily without wasting time or getting hyper on our internet System.

The main error which makes the chrome to stop internet connection caused by the following list


1# Firewall

2# Antivirus software

3# Cookies & Caches

4# LAN-Local Area Network

5# WLAN- wireless Connection (Wi-Fi)

These are the five main reason why your internet is stopping to operate and shows you ERR_INTERNET_DISCONNECTED on your screen, Now you know what is the reason and you will check one by one which of the above five is disconnection your internet. The primary thing to guarantee is the network whether it is remote or wired, to check and ensure that you can interface with the switch or change from your different gadget and if there should be an occurrence of remote take a stab at associating a telephone or a savvy gadget to this switch remotely and check whether web works; if there should arise an occurrence of wired another PC over the Ethernet to the switch.

This will affirm if the switch is getting web from the supplier; on the off chance that it is then we proceed with the means underneath yet in the event that it isn’t; at that point, we have to investigate this with the ISP or the Web Supplier.

How to resolve ERR_INTERNET_DISCONNECTED with the following main reason

As we have already studied and revealed the main five reason which gives you the ERR_INTERNET_DISCONNECTED while surfing of when you start using internet from chrome internet browser.

First Method: Resolve Firewall

Once in a while the security programming you are utilizing, for example, the firewall can obstruct your web program or your Web association. You should check the settings of the item you utilize and check whether it limits your Chrome or your system association. You may need to handicap them to take care of the issue if fundamental. Start > Control Panel > Windows Firewall >


To check the setting whether there is any barrier which is stopping the internet to operate and check the block connections to the program that is not on the list of the allowed program.

Second Method: Antivirus software

When you get the ERR_INTERNET_DISCONNECTED than antivirus software which is already installed and running in your system is one of the problems. These type of security software are also the restrict to access the internet web browsing. The simple way to rid of this type of Antivirus is to go to Start > Control Panel > All Control Panel Items > Programs and Feature > Uninstall a Program. After you uninstall the antivirus and the internet give the ok sign of working then antivirus was the reason for getting the error in web browser. You can also use this work perfectly and doesn’t stop internet at any web browser you used at your system.


Third Method: Cookies & Caches

Most of the time unsecured cookies & Caches are the reason for ERR_INTERNET_DISCONNECTED message which means that your internet is stopped for some reason. In chrome browser click on the menu three dot vertical lines at the top of the right side of display screen than go to the more tools here you will get the clear browsing data.


This will clean all the cookies & Caches from your internet web browser which might help you to start your internet again if this work than cookies & caches was the reason for the internet error message.

Fourth Method: LAN-Local Area Network

This error is regular due to the unknown source occur your system through the internet, this happens mostly when the user does not use any type of internet security such as VPN or other internet security, this changes the network settings in the system and it will again work properly. Go to Start > Control Panel > Internet Options >


Here you will get another function box of Internet settings selects the connections from the above new at the internet Properties box and click on LAN setting and see that the IP has been changed or bypass the proxy server for the local address. Do nothing just click on automatically detect settings and click ok to resolve the ERR_INTERNET_DISCONNECTED if this works than LAN was the problem which stops your internet.

Fifth Method: WLAN- wireless Connection (Wi-Fi)

Wireless connection only gives the ERR_INTERNET_DISCONNECTED when the device or the system are not connected with each other, this system works in a pair where your software of wireless internet device and the connection in internet setting is switched to the wireless network.


To check the WLAN setting Go to Start > Control Panel > Network and Sharing Center > Here you will get the Network and Sharing Center where you set up the connection or change the adopter setting from another internet source to wireless connection. If somehow your internet connection is switched to another source of network instead of wireless and on the wireless is providing you the internet working then go to the change Start > Control Panel > Network and Sharing Center > adopter setting > and switch to wireless network connection and if the wireless is ok than reset your Wi-Fi device so it will be working again.


Before you go to setting please check that your internet is on the wireless source and for the Antivirus do not use un authorize antivirus instead of use AVG or Avast antivirus are the best software for the internet security for your system.

Some time due to the dust the LAN card stop working or the cable which is attached to LAN in your system must be de-attached or loose, so check it first before you go further.

Use some cleaner software for your Cookies & Caches as per your work daily, weekly or monthly; this will help you in Cookies & Caches clean system.

“We hope you will get the full benefit with the topic How to Resolve ERR_INTERNET_DISCONNECTED and help you to work your internet properly and safely”.

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