Reddit NBA Streams – Top Alternatives to Reddit NBA Streams [r/NBAstreams]

Recently if you have searched for the NBA updated on Reddit NBA streams then you would have noticed that it isn’t available now. Yes, one of the most popular subreddit NBA Streams has been taken down due to legal issues. This NBA subreddit has more than 420K NBA followers. Well, if you are aware of the situation then you might know that this isn’t the first time that nay subreddit has been shut down due to DMCA or copyright issues. r/cricketstreams, r/soccerstreams, and r/mmastreams were some of the most popular subreddit that was taken down.

Reddit NBA streams

r/nbastreams was hugely popular among NBA fans around the world. In June 2019 it was taken down and at the beginning of the last year, r/soccerstreams were preyed by the authorities. So most of the people are looking for the best alternatives to r/nbastreams and similar subreddit to Reddit NBA streams. We made a list of the top r/nbastreams alternatives but before that, we have given a little brief information about it. So let’s get started.

Reddit NBA Stream and its popularity

You may be familiar with the fact that if you go for a legal way to watch live NBA matches or events then you have to pay hefty fees. Sometimes when you have passed to the leagues, still you wouldn’t be able to watch them without any trouble. Basically, people were looking for some illegal, free, and easy way to watch NBA online and that’s when Reddit NBA Stream came.

r/NBAstream became a huge hit in a very short time. At the time of its shutdown, it had nearly half a million followers on the Reddit. Here, the users would share NBA live streaming links so all the other people who have joined the subreddit may watch them. So users weren’t sharing or streaming live NBA here but it became a popular destination to find the best live streaming websites to NBA online.

Reddit NBA Stream [r/NBAstreams] | Important Things to Know

Why Reddit NBA Stream banned?

Those of you who don’t know what Reddit NBA Stream is then let us tell you that it is subreddit on Reddit social media. It is just like a page or community that you make on Facebook or Instagram. All the basketball fans around the world that have a special love for NBA used to share live streaming links of NBA matches. So due to this sharing of illegal NBA live streaming links it got in the eye of the authority and they request Reddit to take it down.

Now you may be thinking why they don’t ban the sites which host free NBA streaming. The thing is that there thousands of sports streaming sites where users can watch any sports games. Some of them banned and some of them are still active. When they ban a single site than new five clones will appear with the similar name of the internet plus, such site formers P2P so it is hard to check from where it is being operated. So instead of banning them, they took down subreddit like r/NBAstreams which was promoting it.

Although this site has nearly 400k subscribers or members but millions of people used to find and stream live NBA matches on the sites shared. The quality of the live NBA on free sites was a high plus, they have fewer ads than the legal way. So these all things add up and Reddit NBA Streams was banned completely.

When Reddit NBA Streams will be back

Right now we can assume that there are no chances of getting back r/nbastreams on Reddit. It is possible that the people who created r/nbastreams will try to make another similar subreddit for the NBA fans community. It is nearly impossible right now as the NBA season of 2021 has been canceled due to COVID-19 so we can expect similar subreddit when the next NBA seasons arrive.

Also, Reddit is on a mission to eradicate every subreddits that contain illegal content. We may not expect any new NBA streaming subs on Reddit as of now. But there are many sports streaming sites that we have listed on this site where you can watch any live sports for free. And, if you want the top alternatives to Reddit NBA Streams then find them in the list below.

Best r/NBA Streams Alternatives 2021

Reddit NBA Streams Discord Channel

The first and the best alternatives to r/NBAstreams could be another offering from the people behind Reddit NBA streams. The team has also made a discord channel so if someone tries to take down this sub then the group can stay together. NBA lovers will find the best working live streaming links for free. If you are wondering what discord is then let us inform you that it is a chat app just like any other social messenger. It is used by the community and the members of it so in case if anything happens the all the people can get back via this app on another subreddit.

The team had commenced discord channel a few months before Reddit NBA Streams went down so if people connected with them would find the next Reddit page anytime. You can join them at


What could be better than the live streaming website than subreddit? Stream2watch is an amazing website where users can stream NBA, basketball leagues, soccer, cricket, UFC, WWE, boxing, and many other games. So if you want a reliable alternative to Reddit NBA streams then this website could be the best destination to live stream any sports event or live sports TV channels.


This is another best and free sports streaming website on the internet so if you want more than just NBA then you should bookmark this site on your browser. If you love soccer then you shall find its live streaming links here. Apart from the NBA and Football, you would find cricket, golf, combat sports, motor racing and many more. Plus, it lets you stream all the sports in HD so this could be another best r/NBAstreams alternative.


  • First Row Sports
  • VIPleague
  • net

Final words…

So these are the best alternatives to Reddit NBA Streams right now. If the new seasons continue to hold in the near future then you would find some new subreddit like r/NBAstream on Reddit. If you know similar subs then let us know in the comment box so we could add them in the list for other users.

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