Pokesniper APK Download (latest version) for Android & iOS

If you are pokemon go game lover and want excited to play every day and night but you can’t catch it your nearby pokemon the here’s the solution that you can easy to catch and collect new pokemon using the Pokesniper APK.

Pokesniper APK that allows the players to find and catch the rare Pokemon with much easiness. Here’s we will show you how to catch Pokemon using this Pokesniper app. And there are too many advantages and features that are listed below.

Download Pokesniper APK for Android

The game player can download and install Pokesniper Apk on their Android device using the below-given download link.

Pokesniper APK Download (latest version) for Android & IOS

App Name Pokesniper
Version 3.0
Developers Malikfalasifa
Category Games
Compatible Devices Android 4.1 and higher versions
Last Updated 15th April 2017
Size of the APK File 34.6 MB

What is Pokesniper App?

Pokesniper APK Download (latest version) for Android & IOS

The Pokesniper is a well-designed app for Android devices that helps the users locate and find the rare Pokemon in their nearby location without having to move from their place. Also, the Pokemon Go game works on an easy concept of finding the Pokemon in their location using the GPS which is available on their mobile device.

There are many pokemon snipers apps available in the third party market; it’s one of the best ones that you should easy to find the Pokemon in their location by moving to the real-time location. But the Pokesniper App allows the users to find all the nearby Pokemon without moving an inch from their place. The players do not have to walk across the city to locate the Pokemon.

So, if you are excited to download Pokesniper on your Android device and now start searching for your rare Pokemon.  Then download and install Pokesniper app, one could quickly catch a Pokemon character and throw the Pokeball on your desired Pokemon character. It’s easy to Increase your game score by grabbing the rare Pokemon characters in a fast manner during Pokesniper app.

Features of Pokesniper APK

Below are the features of Pokesniper Apk…

  • It’s free of cost to download for android
  • It can allow the real Pokemon in their nearby location.
  • It provides exact coordinates of any Pokémonthat you need, and you can snipe that Pokémon into your collection and show off in front of your friends
  • This app lets the user play the game without moving from their place.
  • And it’s free to use for every platform and device.
  • Pokesniper is safe and secure to use on your device.

How to Install Pokesniper App on Android

Installation Process:

  1. Download APK.
  2. Install it.
  3. Run it.

Common Pokesniper APK Installation Errors & Fixes:

If it prompt “This type of file can harm your device, Do you want to keep Pokesniper apk anyway?”, click OK.

In case it shows “Install Blocked”, click “Settings -> Slide Unknown Sources -> OK.

If quick installation blocked this app contains code that attempts to bypass Android’s security protections. Click More details -> Install anyways) -> OK.

How to use Pokesniper App on Android

  • First, download Pokesniper APK on your phone, and Install the app.
  • It then asks you to accept the APK agreement. Just tap the OK button.
  • You can then navigate to the menu and hit the ‘Accounts’ section.
  • Under the accounts page, you need to click on the option ‘Add Account’.
  • You need to enter the following credentials in the respective fields.
    • Username
    • Password
    • Home Coordinates
    • Google Account Toggle button
  • Make sure that you turn on the Google Account button
  • After satisfying the abovementioned fields, you need to hit the Save button and store all your credentials.
  • You can then get back to the menu and tap the option ‘Hunt Coordinates’.
  • Just click the Pokesnipers option and copy the coordinates of your preferred Pokemon.
  • Now go to the home page of the Pokesniper app and there you want to add your account which you have saved previously.
  • Next to Choose the Pokemon you wish to snipe and enter the required coordinates of that particular Pokemon.
  • And Hit the button that says ‘Snipe those Bitches.’
  • In the Last, you have caught the rare Pokemon.
  • For confirmation, you need to go to the Pokemon Go app and check it.

Download PokeSniper for iOS 10/9/8/7: iPhone, iPad

Requires minimum iOS 8.0 or later. PokeSniper is comfortable with iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch.

Step 1: First of all turn on your Internet connection or use Wi-Fi

Step 2: Download iOS File.

Step 3: Tap on “Install” when the installation dialogue box appears.

Step 4: Settings will open automatically, tap on “Install” again and fill in your password if you need to and tap on “Done”.

Step 5: Open PokeSniper on your iOS device and snipe exotic Pokémon easily for free!

That’s it; now you should easy to play Pokesniper app on your Android and iOS platforms. If you have any query about it, then let me know us in below comment section.

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