Phone Icon Aesthetic For iOS 15 & IOS 14 iPhone Free

Apple’s new iOS 14 and iOS 15 opened the great wall of customizing iPhone home screen. With the new iOS updates, Apple is allowing users to replace and change app icons to match the style of the iOS theme. We often use the Phone app to make calls daily. Hence, it would be good to have the aesthetic phone icon on iPhone home screen.

Internet is full of paid app icon packs. But it would be a fool to spend a few bucks to get only phone icon aesthetic. Therefore, we spent a couple of hours online and collected some cool app icon aesthetic styles to set on the iOS home screen. Once you get this aesthetic phone icon, you will no longer need to go with the default phone logo. Without further ado, let’s hunt down the best phone aesthetic logo.

Best Aesthetic Phone Icon For iPhone Download Free

Note: Long press and tap on Add To Photos to any icon to download any icon.

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