Philosophy in Gaming: 6 Lessons You MUST Know Now

What can you learn from video games? Whether you buy a Nintendo Switch, a Playstation 4, play on your phone, or have an Atari, you can learn from video games. Check out these six lessons you will learn from video games.

Playing Together is Better than Playing Alone

In the video game world, cooperation pays off in the long run. When you play multiplayer video games like Minecraft, Warriors Orichi, or Fortnite, you have an opportunity to work cooperatively with others. You learn to assess everyone’s top skills. You talk out strategies and how to defeat big bosses and overcome puzzles. You also learn that being a loner during a game can end in certain demise. Even if you play single player games, you will come across other characters that will help you on your quest.

Life is Difficult

Yes, there are some video games that don’t have much in the way of strategy. For example, in Flower, you simply explore the beautiful cinematic world, enjoy beautiful music, and really don’t have much in the ways of battles, quests, or puzzles. But in most games, life is difficult. To accomplish anything great you need to overcome obstacles. You can overcome them with brawn or with brains, and sometimes with both. Anything worth winning is worth the struggle.

You Will Fail

Video games give you something that you would never get in real life – a chance to start all over again. We’ve all been there – fighting a mega battle or trying to defeat an impossible puzzle then dying right before the end. In games you can reemerge after a failure and try again. Believe it or not, this helps you develop a better strategy and help you learn. Being immune to failure and seeing as an opportunity to learn is a key skill for success in the real world.

Do a Side Quest

Don’t be the guy or gal that gets so caught up in work and the daily grind that you avoid truly living. Try something new. Do something daring. If it intrigues you, if it scares you a little bit, then challenge yourself to try it. Sometimes we become obsessed with accomplishing goals like getting that job, buying that car, earning that degree. But life is more than that. Do the side quests in life. Enjoy the experiences that help you grow.

Hit Pause

Sometimes you and a friend get stuck in the middle of a big battle and have to pause for real life. That happens outside video games, too. Life will throw all kinds of obstacles of insanity at you. Sometimes it is overwhelming. So pause. Take a moment. Just breathe. Then when you are rested and healthy, go for it again.

Be the Hero

Life is too short to be the loser or the person that settles for the mediocre. Be the hero in your story. Be the hero in someone else’s story. We live in a giant global universe full of the bad, the good, the lucky, the unfortunate. Take the time to forge a path that makes a real difference. Be the hero. Save the world.

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