How To Fix Payday 3 PS5 Not Working?

If you are a gaming fanatic, chances are that you are well aware of Payday 3 and the kind of rave it has created on the internet. People from across the globe are hyped to finally get their hands on the game but it looks like disappointment is on the course.

The third installment in the franchise, Payday 3 came with a lot of expectations but the release of the game has been hit with a lot of pushbacks, especially for the gamers that are playing the game on PlayStation 5.

This article will take a look into some of the issues that players are experiencing with Payday 3 on PS5 and how one can fix it.

Why is Payday 3 Not Working Optimally in PS5?

Following the release of the beta version of Payday 3, gamers were excited to get their hands on the game and make the most out of it.

However, the majority of the PS5 users have reported that the game isn’t performing as well as it should on Sony’s gaming console.

While no concrete reason has been found as to why the issue is occurring, lead producer Andreas Hall Penninger clarified that Payday 3 is using an “earlier version of the game,” which could explain why it is not compatible with PS5 and is acting up when users are trying to play the game.

Andreas confirmed that the error can’t be fixed by the developers of the game and instead, a patch has to be released by Sony for the PS5 to address the concern.

Despite the clarification that Andreas has tweeted out, the gamers are accusing Starbreeze, the developers of Payday 3 saying that they shouldn’t have released the game with an earlier build.

The gamers seem to be enraged about the issue, some of them even going to lengths demanding refunds for the games that they paid for.

How to Fix Payday 3 not working on PS5?

At this moment, as mentioned by the lead producer of the game, there is nothing that the developers can do to fix the issue.

Until Sony releases a patch update addressing the issues that the gamers are experiencing while trying to play Payday 3, there’s nothing that would be able to fix the errors.

So, it is all about a waiting game at this point. Sony has come out with a statement saying that they are looking into the problem and will release a patch fix soon. However, no one knows when that is happening, which is one of the main reasons why the majority of gamers are upset about the situation.


Payday 3 received quite a warm welcome ever since its release during the peak of the summer months. However, with these ongoing issues, there have been a lot of conflicts going on. That said, once the fix comes around, it won’t be surprising if the game ends up being one of the most successful games of this year.

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