How to Fix Paramount Plus Not Working on Fire TV

Paramount+ is a popular streaming service with a huge catalog of movies and TV shows. However, many Fire TV users have reported issues with the Paramount+ app not working properly on their devices. This can be frustrating when you want to watch your favorite shows but the app just won’t load or play any content.

Let’s go over the most common issues that cause Paramount+ to not work on Fire TV and provide solutions to fix them. Whether it’s problems with signing in, streaming content, app crashes, or connectivity issues, we’ve got you covered.

Check Paramount+ Server Status

The first thing to check is whether Paramount+ itself is having server issues. Go to the Paramount+ System Status page and see if there are any reported problems. This will indicate if the issues lie with the Paramount+ service rather than your Fire TV device.

If Paramount+ is experiencing an outage or degraded performance, you’ll have to wait until the problems are resolved on their end before troubleshooting your Fire TV. Keep an eye on the status page to see when issues are cleared.

Ensure Correct Login Details

A common reason for the Paramount+ app not working is using incorrect sign-in details. Paramount+ has its own account system separate from Amazon and other services.

Make sure you are using the email and password associated with your Paramount+ account rather than Amazon credentials. If you purchased Paramount+ through Amazon, you can view your Paramount+ login details in Your Subscriptions.

After entering the correct email and password, delete your credentials on the device by clearing the app data. Then re-enter your details when launching the app again.

Check Fire TV Model for 4K Support

If you are having issues streaming 4K content on Paramount+, check whether your Fire TV model actually supports 4K. Many older Fire TV devices can only play up to 1080p resolution.

You can find the maximum supported resolution for your Fire TV under Settings => My Fire TV => About. If 4K is not listed, your device cannot play 4K streams from Paramount+.

Force Close and Clear Cache/Data

App crashes and failures to load content can often be fixed by force closing the Paramount+ app and clearing cached data.

Go to Settings => Applications => Manage Installed Applications > Paramount+ and select Force Stop. Then clear both the Cache and Data for the app before trying again.

Check Internet Connection

Connectivity problems like slow internet speeds or lack of access to your Wi-Fi network can prevent the Paramount+ app from working correctly.

Run internet speed tests on your Fire TV to diagnose issues. Check if other apps are having problems as well. Restart your modem and router if speeds are slower than usual. Make sure your Fire TV is connected to the correct Wi-Fi network.

Restart Fire TV Device

Sometimes restarting your Fire TV is all that’s needed to get Paramount+ working again after crashes or content failing to load.

Press and hold the Select and Play/Pause buttons on your remote for 10 seconds to restart. This will refresh the device and reconnect to the internet, often resolving temporary glitches.

Factory Reset Fire TV

If none of the above fixes resolve your issues with Paramount+, performing a factory reset on your Fire TV device may be necessary. This will erase all data and settings, restoring it to original factory conditions.

Go to Settings => My Fire TV => Reset to Factory Defaults. Just be aware you’ll have to reinstall apps and re-enter login information after the reset completes.

Contact Paramount+ Support

If you still cannot get Paramount+ working after trying all troubleshooting steps, you’ll need to contact their customer support team directly for further assistance.

Explain exactly what problems you are experiencing and what steps you have already taken to resolve them. Provide details on your Fire TV model, Paramount+ subscription, and any error messages seen.


Getting the Paramount+ app up and running on Fire TV can require some troubleshooting, but usually the issues can be fixed with one of the solutions covered here. By checking for problems on Paramount’s end, ensuring you are using the right login details, clearing app data/cache, verifying connectivity, or factory resetting your device, you should be streaming your favorite Paramount+ shows in no time.

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