P2P4U: The top P2P4U alternatives to stream live sports online

Sports and our lives are interconnected and even if you are just a person who doesn’t love playing sports but you can’t deny that you don’t love watching any sports game. Some are dedicated and hardcore fans while some are usual fans. Hardcore fans go to the stadium to enjoy the match and other love to watch it on the screens at home sitting at the lounge. Well, it is easier to get a ticket to the pavilion and watch the match but this process becomes a little complicated when you want to stream online. There are many free sports streaming site and p2p4u is one of the best sites to watch and stream live sports TV channels online.

P2p4u is the site that you really need to watch free sports events online with live score live TV channels for free. It offers you live streaming of sports games like football, American football, rugby, ice hockey, boxing, WWE, UFC, tennis, volleyball, basketball, baseball, cricket, and many others. If you are a soccer fan then this site is definitely for you as it has got a live score section for you at the homepage which gets updated every 3 to 30 minutes. Along with all these, you will also get a timetable and schedule of all the upcoming matches and sports events. The quality of video and live streaming p2p4u is really good so you can watch free live sports games in HD.

Well, there are lots of fishes in the ocean and just like that, there are many free sports streaming sites on the internet. That’s why people are people are also searching for p2p4u alternatives. This is because people have different choices and they want to explore many other similar things. So we have made a list of some of the best similar sites like p2p4u that can you as p2p4u alternatives. You may find many similar sites on the internet but not all of them are worth to try so we are naming the top free sports streaming websites.

P2P4U proxy and mirror links

P2p4u can be accessed on http://p2p4u.tv/. This is the only original and active mirror link of p2p4u.

Top similar sites like p2p4u 2021 | Best Alternatives to p2p4u


One of the best alternatives to p2p4u is StreamSports.me. This is absolutely free and offers most of the popular sport games. So now you don’t need to subscribe to any premium sports streaming platform. Just like any other website, open this website and select any of the ongoing matches or tournaments and you are ready to go. The selection of the matches on the game is really phenomenal as you will get lots of options here. From football, soccer, UFC, MMA, NBA to motor racing and table tennis are on your list to enjoy through this site. An app of this website is also available so you can install it on your smartphone and enjoy free live sports streaming on your mobile phone without any worry.  Although, StreamSports.me website can be accessed on all the devices but you can try the app. So when you are looking at the alternatives of p2p4u then StreamSports.me should really be on your list.


Stream2watch is a wholesome package for you when you are looking for live sports and other live TV channels as well. The quality of video and the live channels is assured in HD here. If you are a blogger and you want to share the live TV channels on your blog then Stream2watch allows you to embed all the live streams on your site as well. You can search for any content on this website according to your preference. If you want a tournament, an event, a match, or any live TV channel then you can get everything on this channel. Along with all these features, you are given a detailed schedule of upcoming sports channels and sports matches. All the popular live sports TV channels are here but you can also check out other entertainment and news channels. So just dive into this p2p4u alternative and any spots game that you want.


Well, we are preparing a list of top p2p4u alternatives and VIPLeague should be mentioned here but when you are looking for some great free and best sports streaming services then this should be in your roster. The site has some enticing interface and easy to handle. But just like any other free streaming site, you have to go through ads on this site but it is acceptable when we are getting so much for free. Users can stream all the sports games, events, and everything on this site. This is one of the best sites on this list that has a massive collection of games for live streaming. All the popular games like basketball, football, tennis, formula 1, and cricket are included but you are also getting table tennis, snooker, water sports, TV channels, and many other similar things. So, VIPLeague is definitely a p2p4u alternative that you should check.


Just like this website says, this site allows you to watch free sports online. Unlike, other free sports streaming sites, this p2p4u alternative has fewer ads. You will be shown only one ad before the playback of any sports streaming video. So you can watch any live sports TV channels for free and without annoying ads. You will get to stream all the live sports games on this site as well you can stream other TV channels like news and entertainment. The game options on this are very wide and expanded from racing, baseball, cricket to boxing, football, basketball, and all the major league. The interface of the site is very simple and user-friendly. You won’t need any further assistance or guidance to use one of the best similar sites like p2p4u.


Being one of the oldest free sports streaming sites, streamybox has done a quite well in providing several live sports streams and live sports TV channel makes it one of the top p2p4u alternatives out there. This site is absolutely free but you have to register for free on this site to enjoy the streaming service. The quality of the video is good and the streaming servers deliver the fast service so you don’t have to wait for streams to load. Users can also download sports videos from this site to watch them later. It can be accessed on the mobile phone as well as PC so you can enjoy free live sports on all of your devices. We definitely recommend you using this site as an alternative to p2p4u.

Final words…

There are many sites on the internet where you can stream and watch free sports TV channels and sports events but these are some of the best sites when you are looking for the alternative to p2p4u. If you use any other similar site like p2p4u and you consider it as the best then tell us about it and we would make a post on that. Tell your views about these sports streaming sites in the comment box.

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