Oglaf: The best explicit webcomic

Oglaf is a webcomic which presents explicit sexual content. The comics of Oglaf are uploaded on its website called Oglaf.com. But in recent time, if you search it on Google you may not find its official site in the search results. But if you want to check out their amazing hilarious sexual comic then you can check them out on their website directly.

Comics on Oglaf are published by Trudy Cooper and Dough Bayne. Oglaf contains sexual stories in its comic and the stories take place in the fantasy realm of old times. The stories are hilarious and they have recurring themes including Greek ancient, Egypt mythology, hamlet, Arabian, and many more. It’s not that all the stories are full of sex, some comics are just for fun and full of sarcasm. Just a few weeks ago I read a comic which has the theme of Egypt mythology named “Stumper” and it didn’t contain any sexual content but it was still funny. Then there was a comic named “Glindr” which is set in some ancient times of kingdoms where a man is talking to another man about how he lost his virginity to a good lad. But the second person claims that good people are always worst at sex and the first person gets the idea that “with this, we can get rid of the whole criminal justice system and replace it with bad at sex test. Then the comic continues with a criminal having sex with the male judge and judge declared him not guilty because he was bad at sex so he must be a good man. LOL. There are a lot of such comics on its site. Every Sunday, they published a new comic.


It was launched 11 years ago in 2008 and became very popular for the depiction of explicit comic content. It has been praised by several magazines and sites for its non-violent sex, the inclusion of people inter-racial sex, and depiction of LGBT characters. It is an Australian site and webcomic and it won a Silver Ledger in 2016 which is presented for excellence in Australian comic art and publishing. Next year in 2017, Cosmopolitan enlist this site in its top 19 porn sites for women in 2017.

Is Oglaf Down? Why is Google blocking searches for Oglaf?

No, Oglaf isn’t down and it is working on its usual site. But when you search it on Google, you will find no results of its official site. So to access Oglaf, you need to visit its official site directly. We don’t know about other browsers but Google will not show the results of its official site on its search result.

You might have noted while searching Oglaf on Google that it shows Oglaf’s Wikipedia result at the top instead of its official site. Even there is no result has been shown by Google on its search results of Oglaf’s site. Due to explicit content, there might be case Google is blocking the searches for Oglaf. But wait, all the porn sites are easily searched on Google and it can be accessed from Google itself.

There is no clear reason for Google blocking Oglaf. So instead of Google, you can access it directly from its official website link we have given below.

How to access Oglaf?

In case if you want to open and access Oglaf for comics then you can open it from its website directly given below:


What is another Oglaf has to offer?

Well, apart from comics, Oglaf has an online store where users can buy several products including apparel, accessories, books, and pins & patches. Oglaf is free for reading and stuff but if you are creative and you think you can make cartoon smut then on its Patreon page option you can sign up for it and register your support there.

Final Words:

So, Oglaf is a webcomic site that offers sexually explicit comic stories. It is not illegal at all; it is an Australian site and a recognized site by several websites and magazines. But due to some reasons, Google has blocked its result from searches. But it can always be accessible from its official site that has been provided in the article. If you any feedback or suggestion then you can write us through the comment box.

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