No Game No Life Season 2 – Is second season of No Game No Life Coming?

No Game No Life is an anime that I think not just myself but many anime fans have been wanting a second season for so long and it’s just never been any solid information about this anime getting a second season. I mean we’ve seen a prequel movie, we’ve seen so much in the merchandise department, we’ve seen light novels, mangas everything but nothing on No Game No Life Season 2. So in this post, I want to discuss the possibilities of a season two and yes this anime has been waiting so long for a second season. I do think the chances are very high for the second season of No Game No Life.

No Game No Life Season 2

A lot of that comes down to the fact that I think honestly the studios behind this popular anime are just essentially trolling us. They are just kind of turning this into a mean and dragging it out as long as possible to make as much money from merchandise, light novels, mangas, the movie, and the actual first season itself. I feel like they’re just dragging it on long enough until the sales drop to the point where they go like “okay now let’s do a “No Game No Life Season 2”. They may have in kind that if the sales drop then that would be the perfect time to boost those sales with season 2.

Why No Game No Life Season 2 is postponed?

They are just drawing heaps of hype, attention, and buzz behind this anime. I think there are two possibilities. First, they just want to do this until the sale drops and second, they’re just making heaps of money and they have no intentions of doing the second season. I don’t agree with the second possibility because there just seems to be so much marketing behind this anime. This isn’t like a normal typical anime that you know should get a second season but there’s no talk about it, there’s no like, marketing, merchandise, sales, and nothing. This anime gets a lot of hype, a lot of buzzes, and a lot of marketing from the studios itself and even the streaming services constantly remind viewers about the first season and the movie. That is the reason why I still believe the chances for a second season are very much up there.

I think it’s just the studios are kind of dragging it out to see how much they can make the merchandise. That seems like a bit of a shady thing to do but again, these studios are businesses and they want to make the viewers crave for the No game no life season 2. After all, they’re here to make money and to build their audience. They want to attract even more audience and try and boost the sales of not just the source material but also the actual anime itself, especially the first season and the movie. They have also done a prequel movie recently and that’s another thing that shows that studios have an interest in making the second season of the anime show.

What is the release date of No Game No Life Season?

A lot of people are asking when season 2 of No Game No Life is happening. I don’t think we can get a second season anytime soon. I do think we will get one at a much later date but it’s definitely there and the possibilities are very high. Probably for all the wrong reasons it’s definitely one of those fun and quirky animes that are just engaging. Just like you, we are also looking forward to a second season. It’s just currently there is no official information about it but definitely, you can see that the studios have an interest in the anime. So I definitely still think there is a higher chance for a second season.

Do you want a second season or you are over it? You just you have given up or have you started getting to the source material and waiting for the No Game No Life season 2. Tell us your take on the chances of happening of season 2 in the comment box.

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