MyLowesLife: Employee Login Portal for Lowe’s Family or MyLowesLife is the dedicated website for employees of Lowe’s company. This login portal was established in 2009 and it can be accessed by currently working employees as well as former employees of Lowe’s who have left years ago. This portal platform allows all the employees of Lowe’s company to access all the work-related information within a few clicks. This helps them to get all the work detail they are doing or they have done simply without any paperwork hurdles. Currently, working employees can even apply for promotions from the MyLowesLife portal. So this allows all the perks an employee asks for. 

What MyLowesLife Portal has to offer?

To offer its employees a single platform so they do get caught in the system to approach a manager or other person. On, employees can check their current duty time or shifts and they can change the shift time with others. Lowe’s employees of the store can also get easy access to details of work-related emails, payment, and all the other information related to jobs. The registered employees on this website portal get to know about employee benefits as well as other plans for employees easily. 

The Benefits of MyLowesLife to Employees

There are many perks of MyLowesLife login to employees. Whether they are current employees or former employees who left the job, they can access this platform to access any job-related information within a few clicks. These are the benefits of the MyLowesLife website to all the Lowe’s employees. 

MyLowesLife Benefits to Working Employees:

  • They can view their current shifts and working schedule time
  • They can change their shift time with others from the portal.
  • Employees can easily get access to any work-related emails and other messages.
  • They can manage their payment details and other employees’ perk and benefits.
  • They can apply for promotions and update their information from the website with a manger’s approval. 

MyLowesLife Benefits to Former Employees:

  • They can use this portal to check if they are eligible to get any benefits that Lowe’s Store offers to all the employees.
  • They can check and view all the work details that they have done in the past (employment details)

How to use MyLowesLife Employee Login

As we have told earlier, MyLowesLife is for both former as well as currently working employees. But in order to access the MyLowesLife portal, they need to enter the credential on the login page of the site. The credentials for login are as follows:

  • User ID or Sales Number
  • Password
  • The security question’s answer

So with these details, you can access your MyLowesLife portal. At the login page, you have to enter just sales numbers and passwords. The security question is added for further security. Employees get this MyLowesLife login information from HR at the time of joining. Employees need to notice that the login method for current and former employees are different so check the login page before login to MyLowesLife.

How to Login to MyLowesLife Current Employees

Here’s the step by step guide for the current employees of Lowe’s company to access their MyLowesLife account:

  • Open the web browser on your smartphone or computer and open the website. 

(Here’s the direct URL of MyLowesLife –

  • On the left side of the homepage, you shall see fields where you have to enter your employee User ID in the Sales Number box and password in the next one.
  • Hit the login button and you have got access to your MyLowesLife employee account.
  • In the next step, you have to choose Full-time or Part-time (whichever is applicable to you).
  • Finally, you will be redirected to your Dashboard.

How to Login to MyLowesLife Ex-Employees (Former Employees):

Here’s the step by step guide for the former employees of Lowe’s company to access their MyLowesLife account:

  • Open the web browser on your smartphone or computer and open the website. 
  • (Here’s the direct URL of MyLowesLife –
  • In the middle of the login page, you shall see “Are you a former Lowe’s Employee”. Click on the “Click Here” option shown under the heading.
  • Now enter the login details on the next page and you will be asked to provide the information regarding your relationship with Lowe’s store in the past.
  • After success reaching to your account, you shall see various hyperlinks on the website. Each link describes the plans and benefits that a former employee can still enjoy from Lowe’s Store.

How to Reset MyLowesLife Password

As an employee, you may get the question like “what if I forget my MyLowesLife login password?” and “how can I reset my MyLowesLife account password easily?” Here’s the step by step guide to reset your “my Lowe’s Life” password.

  • Open the on your browser and click on the “Forgot password” option shown under the login fields.
  • Now to confirm your identity, you have to answer the security question you had previously set while signing up for MyLowesLife. 
  • In the next screen, you have to follow the instructions to access your account. If you are still unable to access or login to your MyLowesLife account then contact the HR department at your store.

Why my ‘MyLowesLife” login is not working?

Sometimes you face the trouble to access MyLowesLife website or login page. In that case, you need to ensure that the login details you have provided are correct or not. Even still, the problem persists, close the website, clear cookies and caches of the browser and try login again. You may also try a different device or other web browsers. If you think still there is a problem with your account then you can contact HR for further help and assistance.

Final Words:

So MyLowesLife is a website for Lowe’s all employees at the stores. It helps them to provide all the notices, job details, and other work details on the one platform. The portal clearly shows how Lowe’s company cares for their employees even after they have left the job. 

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