MyKFCExperience: Learn How to Get Free Discount at KFC

You are here so you don’t need what KFC is. Some of you may not know what KFC stands for i.e. Kentucky Fried Chicken. Established almost 90 years ago, this is one of the oldest and largest non-veg fast-food chains around the world. In more than 120 countries, it has more than 21,500 outlets where you can get some delicious chicken meals at inexpensive rates. Beverages and some free promotional deals are other advantages of KFC. But if you know the drill, you can get some extra free perks every time you visit the KFC for some finger-licking food.


Similar to its competitors, KFC has a customer review program named MyKFCExperience. The consumers who have visited and had a meal at any KFC shop can participate in this survey. The MyKFCExperience can be sone on its site and users would need just the invoice or the receipt that they must have received while paying at the store. So, the thing is that every receipt has a code to take part in this KFC survey. The objective of this survey is to improve the services at a particular store and even at the company level. Consumers can give their reviews on the services provided by the KFC store. And upon completing this MyKFCExperience survey, every user will get a free KFC discount coupon that could be used to get some free deals or even free meal on their next visit.

Here, we have given detailed information about how to participate in the MyKFCExperience survey or review program and how to get the KFC discount coupon through My KFC Experience feedback program. But first, let’s find out what it is:

MyKFCExperience: What It Is?

From the introduction given above, you must have known the basic idea of what this grievance program is about. My KFC Experience is a customer review program from KFC which can be done at The company would like to hear from its customer through this MyKFCExperience feedback survey. The objective is just simple. The brand would like to know about the customer’s experience and what some changes they would like to bring in the food, store, or even brand.

On your every visit at the KFC store for food, you get a survey code on the bill and that code can be used to take part in the MyKFCExperience on their website – This is the first requirement to participate in the MyKFCExperience survey. Customers just need to fill up the blank spaces by providing the answers to the various questions. Once you have completed the survey, you shall get a unique code as a reward which can be used to get some great deals like free drinks, a free meal, or KFC discount coupons.

Required Things to Participate in MyKFCExperience Feedback program

  1. The users who want to part of the MyKFCExperience program should be over the age of 18 and visit The website has to be its official. You cannot do that on any nation-specific website.
  2. A receipt of the last visit at the KFC store with a unique MyKFCExperience code. It needs to be entered at the beginning of the survey.

How Do I Participate at MyKFCExperience | How to Get Free Discount Coupon From MyKFCExperience.

In order to take the MyKFCExperience survey, you must remember that you have to do that on its official site. There are lots of fake sites on the internet where users can be fooled. Don’t go to any other website with MyKFCExperience name it. It can be tricky. Now follow the process given below to get the free discount coupons at KFC from MyKFCExperience.

  1. Head to the mykfcexperience.comdomain link because it is the official site of mykfcexperience. Then select your language.
  2. Now enter the mykfcexperience survey code. It must be at the bottom of the receipts.

Important: Somehow if the mykfcexperience unique survey code is faded or can’t be accessed easily then other details mentioned in the invoice can be used as well. You can opt for the option where you can fill all the details regarding the last visit in the absence of the code.

  1. In the absence of the mykfcexperience code, customers need to provide KFC store number, date of the invoice, and receipt number.
  2. Now the screen will take you to the next screen where they have to give the answers to some basic questions and the survey will begin. Remember, mykfcexperience feedback survey is not any exam so, just give honest answers. Just follow the guide on the screen.
  3. Once all the questions are completed. The users will be provided mykfcexperience coupon code which would be used at any KFC restaurant to get a discount on the total bill.

Bottom line

Customers can note down that new reward coupon and show it to the cashier at the store. He/she will add the discount or KFC meals to the order. Each code has different offers and discount and it can be used only for once. So, now keep the receipt of your KFC visit and get the discount on every visit.

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