Is Matrexer Legit?

The legitimacy of Bitcoin trading sites has always been a matter of concern for users. Although these trading platforms assure to be reliable, they are often owned by scamsters and fraudsters, thus putting your investments at risk.

If you are new to the cryptocurrency trading landscape and wondering if Matrexer is legit and safe, you’ve ended up on the rightmost link. Our experts have reviewed all the ins and outs of this website and come up with a detailed and honest review of Matrexer. Scroll down the page and page and find everything about this trading platform.

Do not make any investment in haste, and ensure the site’s credibility first. Here’s our take on  Matrexer’s legitimacy. Read on and have a closer look.

The Biggest Concerns about Matrexer

While Matrexer claims to be a reputed Bitcoin trading company, its shady background and lack of founder information raise concerns in everyone’s mind. If the website’s data is to be believed, the company has begun its operations in June 2018 and was founded by Hank Weizer.

However, there’s no clear information available about site safety and legal terms, and that’s what makes things a bit doubtful about  Matrexer.

Here, we have compiled four significant elements that make Matrexer a big-time scam for traders.

  • New Domain

One thing that has been constantly escalating doubts about this site is its recent registration. It got its domain registered a few months back despite operating from June 208. The domain is too new and is extremely hard to be trusted now. As far as our research is concerned, it was registered on 18th March 2023, and it instantly contradicts the company’s claims to begin operations in June 2018.

  • No email verification

The site is vulnerable to cyber-attacks, as it offers no verification when signing up. It means that anyone with a fraud identity can log in to the site and starts trading. No email verification after signing up on the Matrexer site generates lots of security concerns about the site, thus leaving users confused.

When our experts signed up with the site, they didn’t get any verification mail. Instead, the platform immediately took them to the trading dashboard, and this, in particular, brings in red flags.

  • No Customer Service Support

Yet another concern about  Matrexer is the absence of customer support. The site has no email or phone number to know about the payments or balance, or referral commissions. The absence of customer support leads to various concerns. It seems that the website has nothing to do with your problems or queries. It’s all about stealing your hard-earned money and running off. Doesn’t it seem so?

  • Shady Background

Okay, the website claims that it was founded by Hank Weizer. But here, the question arises – who is Hank, and what does he do? In addition, who are the team members of this website? How is the site handled? The website has nothing about its background, its team members and has no active presence on social media, and all these things raise a red flag about the site, making it a scam and fraud.

Is Matrexer Legit?

No, it doesn’t seem so. Although the answer is pretty unclear, there is no background information,= and the absence of customer support indicates fraud and scam. The site has recently got registered in March 2023, thus contradicting its own claims about operating since 2018. Why the domain had not been registered yet? All these questions simply create tons of doubts and make the website look like a planned scam.

Is it Safe to Invest in Matrexer?

The simple answer is NO. It isn’t safe investing in Matrexer since the site is not legit and credible. The domain is pretty new, and you cannot trust it this early. Moreover, the site has garnered tons of negative reviews from customers worldwide. Hence, it’s better to stay away from this trading site and give it some time to prove its reliability and worth.

However, if you are still interested in investing in Matrexer, do it at your own risk. Nobody shall take responsibility for your losses and answer your queries about payments and commissions.


That’s all about Matrexer and its legitimacy. We hope our research and review have helped you discover the truth about this Bitcoin trading site. If you still have doubts about the same, feel free to share your queries with us, and we’ll help resolve them at the earliest.

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