Lulububbles Baby Clothes Review

Baby clothes are getting cuter and more unique by the time. From rompers to adorable dress sets, the variety of clothes that are now available for children is nothing short of mind-blowing. However, what’s even more astonishing is the number of websites that are making their way into the market.

Among them, Lulububbles is an e-commerce baby clothing website that deserves special mention. The platform has been around for some time now, offering users’ access to a diverse range of kid’s clothing for affordable prices.

This article will explore more about Lulububbles and the kind of reviews people are leaving for its products.

About Lulububbles

Lulububbles is a renowned e-commerce clothing store for babies. The website primarily sells baby girl clothes and the variety is beyond anyone’s expectations.

From different types of dress sets to wet suits and tops and rompers, you can find a variety of amazing clothing items, accessories, and even toys for your children on this website.

There is a lot of confusion about where the company is based since some mention it operates out of the U.S. while others mention that it operates out of China. They do have a social media presence too.

What are People Saying about Lulububbles?

If you are considering purchasing from Lulububbles, be assured that the consumers have mixed reviews on the website. While some are overwhelmingly happy with the quality and price of the product, some are on the other side of the spectrum.

There are subjective responses when you do some research. Some of the consumers have even reported that the shipping is a bit delayed. However, the website has mentioned that shipping depends on the country you live in.

Overall, we’d recommend that you be the judge yourself. Instead of reaching conclusions just from reading one or two reviews, you can purchase a few items and check for yourself if it’s worth the hype or a waste of time and money.

One issue that has been pretty consistent among all the consumers is the sizing issue. Most have reported that the clothes run smaller than the intended size. So, keep that into consideration.

If we had to list out the pros and cons, it will be as follows:


  • Affordable pricing
  • A diverse range of products
  • Stylish and trendy baby clothes
  • Cozy fabrics
  • Faster shipping and free shipping
  • Have a variety of sizes


  • Sizes run smaller
  • Product descriptions aren’t clear
  • Customer support isn’t proficient
  • Quality isn’t the best

Depending on the same, you can either make your own choices or decide not to take a risk buying items for your baby from the platform.

Is Lulububbles a Legit Company?

Lulububbles currently only has an online presence, which means that it’s impossible to deduce whether or not they are legit or a fake company.

However, given that the company does fulfill the orders of the customers that place their orders, we can at least confirm that the orders aren’t left unfulfilled.

Some of the consumers have reported issues with poor quality and delayed shipment, which has raised a lot of concerns in the minds of the consumers. What we’d recommend you do is conduct your research.

Final Verdict

Should you or should you not buy from Lulububbles? Well, the answer is subjective. It depends on what you think would work best for you. If you want some cheap baby clothes with quick shipping, give this a try and see if all the hype is worth it. As we mentioned before, the website has mixed reviews, which means that there are satisfied customers too. Maybe you’d be one of them after purchasing items from the website.


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