Download Latest Lucky Patcher APK v8.6.3 From Official Game Site (2021)

Lucky Patcher APK
  • Lucky Patcher APK


With the help of this Lucky Patcher download on your Android and also Lucky Patcher iOS version, you can delete in-app ads or change app permissions or deleting system apps and more!

About Lucky Patcher 8.2.3 APK (Summary)

Name Lucky Patcher
Publisher ChelpuS
Latest Version 8.6.3
Size 8.25 MB
Price Free
Platforms Android 2.3+
MOD Features No

When it comes to getting rid annoying ads, customize permissions, sidestep any paid app license verification, or more health on your Android or iPhone, the Lucky Patcher considered one of the best applications to help every mobile user with the help of the latest Lucky Patcher APK version 8.6.3. So, whether you want to delete in-app ads or change app permissions or deleting system apps as well as buying in-app free, you can do you every task easy with the help of this Lucky Patcher download on your Android and also Lucky Patcher iOS version.

Well, we are saying that you should download Lucky Patcher APK on your phone, but most of like to use the Lucky Patcher app to unlock some of the best characters, items, coins, and other major items that found in games but cannot be unlocked without money. So, if you want to unhide those types things on Lucky Patcher games, then can download Lucky Patcher latest version apk file on your Android and iOS to do your task easily.


Features of Lucky Patcher

Before you go to download Lucky Patcher apk on Android and iPhone, you should know what Lucky Patcher app can do.

#1: Remove Unwanted Ads

As we know that most of free app and games come with some bothersome ads that annoyed while using those apps. Hence, Lucky Patcher primarily designed to delete those annoying popup ads. So, Lucky Patcher will be helpful to block those popup ads and enjoy the ad-free experience on your Android phone.

#2: MOD and Crack Games

If you are playing games, then you may want to get some coins, items, and unlock any interesting character to enjoy the game in a better manner. So, with the help, if Lucky Patcher app, you can MOD and crack a number of games on Android and get in-game items for free. So, Lucky Patcher apk can also help to save your money.

#3: Free to Buy In-App

On the Google Play Store, there are many app and games available for free and paid. Well, nothing better than getting free app and games. But what if you like some app or games which available in the paid category. At the time, the luky Patcher will help you get those paid apps and games for free. So, if you want to download paid apps for free on Android, then nothing is better than the Lucky Patcher app. So not more spending money on paid stuff since you can download Lucky Patcher on your phone.

#4: Bypass and modify app permissions

Most of app and games are free to download but they also need unsafe permissions to keep using the app. Like we play some online games and get a notification to remove unwanted permission from your app. So, the Lucky Patcher apk will help you to remove and customize app permission.

#5: Create a clone application

The luky Patcher also has one great feature to create a clone of apps. Yes, you heard it right. There is nothing tough on making any clone app with the Lucky Patcher download. You will just need open the downloaded Lucky Patcher app and choose Application to clone=> select the appropriate Tool => select Clone Application => select some more options (or not) => select Clone. Cheers!

#6: Make any app permanent

As we know that when we buy any smartphone, it comes a few apps only. After that, you will have to download and install other needed app from the store. While using those apps, some we wish to make the app permanent to the system as like other preinstalled app. So, the Lucky Patcher apk will help you to convert any app to system app easily.

#7: Move apps with ease

Sometimes we stuck at the situation where you can now download any apps or other stuff because of internal memory gets full. But if you have installed Lucky Patcher apk on your phone, then you can simply move loaded app from your internal storage to memory card without ant stoppage.

#8: Back your files

The Lucky Patcher app also has a feature to create a backup of your most important file so that you can loss your important stuff in case of anything wrong happen on your phone. So, the Lucky Patcher will be your good back.

Lucky Patcher System Requirement

  • Minimum android version 2.33
  • Need 2 GB RAM for getting proper functionality.
  • 8 GB Internal storage needs for best results.
  • You can run lucky patcher on both rooted and unrooted devices but we recommend you to root your Android before using the app.

How To Download and Install Lucky Patcher APK on Android

Step #1: First of all, download Lucky Patcher APK v8.6.3 on your phone.

Step #2: Next, Open Lucky Patcher Installer and you will get dialog “Do you really want to install the Lucky Patcher v8.0.0?”. You have to click on the “Yes” button.

Step #3: Now the Installer will prepare all the requisite files and gears to install the Original Lucky Patcher app on your device.

Step #4: If you see wizard, you have to allow install unknown apps from this source. Click on “Settings” and switch on “Allow from this Source”.

Step #5: Just go to “Settings” and click on the toggle to allow from this source.

Step #6: Now you will see the Install button. Just Click on the install button and wait a few moments until it’s done.

Step #7: That’s it! All done! Enjoy the Lucky Patcher app.

How To Download and Install Lucky Patcher APK on iOS

Well, some of the iPhone and iPad users also want the Lucky Patcher iOS version to enjoy its features. So, here we come to guide to install Lucky Patcher iOS version on iPhone and iPad.

Note: Lucky Patcher iOS app requires minimum iOS 8 and later to run. iOS 11 and 12 and 13  is recommended.

Step #1: Download Lucky Patcher iOS File (Supports iPhone, iPad and iPod).

Step #2: Next, After installing the application on the device you need to mark the application as trusted in the setting.

Step #3: So, navigate to Settings => Apps => Lucky Patcher and mark it’s are “Trust this app”.

Step #4: After this, you can open the application and use its features.

Final words

Hope you enjoyed the guide and successfully installed Lucky Patcher app on your Android and iOS phone. Once after using the Lucky Patcher app on your smartphone, please do not forget to share your experience of using Luky Patcher with us in comments!

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