What Is The Highest/Longest Snapchat Streak 2021 [UPDATED]

What’s Snapchat Streak and what’s the highest Snapchat Streak 2021, these are questions that have been asked by many Snapchat users. Since the craze of online social networking apps has increased,  there have been many apps arrived on Instagram and Snapchat. But Snapchat always stands ahead for its new and innovative features like Snapchat Streak and you they listed some of the longest Snapchat Streak every year.

Since the addition of Snapchat Streak in the middle, many people have started interesting on the Snapchat Streak. As Snapchat began to give rewards to the high Snapchat Streak score, many people want to get more Snapchat Streak so that they can show their bond and listed in the most top Snapchat Streak of the year.

Let’s know more about Snapchat Streak!

When did snapchat streaks start?

 Well, most of the people are still not aware that Snapchat Streak update, so let me tell you that Snapstreaks came out on March 29, 2016, in Snapchat’s ‘Chat 2.0’ app update. When you complete five days, you’ll see a fire emoji. When you complete 100 days, you will see the 100 emoji.

What’s the snapchat streak limit?

Well, we are not sure about the limit, but we would the longest Snapchat Streak is in the world is 1272 as one of 4/08/2017.

How to Snapchat streak calculated?

When any two Snapchat users snap each other back at least once in a twenty-four hour period and they do this for five days then a small flame icon shows up along with a number: 5, to represent five days of snapping back and forth between the two users. After that, it will go on and on.

I guess you are here to know the longest Snapchat Streak of 2018. So, let’s check out who’s gained most Snapchat Streaks. So, here’s the list of highest Snapchat Streak 2018.

Longest Snapchat Streak UPDATED (2021 Is Coming)

  • Nora (Score: 1272, Date: 06/10/2018).
  • Robin (Score: 1128, Date: 06/08/2018).
  • Daniel (Score: 1128, Date: 06/08/2018).
  • Sarah (Score: 1122, Date: 06/05/2018).
  • Miska (Score: 1121, Date: 05/16/2018).
  • Finn (Score: 1110, Date: 05/21/2018).
  • Amarisa (Score: 1096, Date: 04/11/2018).
  • Cody (Score: 1086, Date: 05/26/2018).
  • Lane (Score: 1077, Date: 04/19/2018).
  • Livia (Score: 1075, Date: 04/16/2018).
  • Akayla (Score: 1070, Date: 06/11/2018).
  • Samantha (Score: 1069, Date: 05/29/2018).
  • Gabrielle (Score: 1057, Date: 03/13/2018).
  • Mackenzie (Score: 1055, Date: 03/09/2018).
  • Olivia (Score: 1049, Date: 03/14/2018).
  • Brandon (Score: 1049, Date: 03/18/2018).
  • Ambyr (Score: 1049, Date: 03/18/2018).
  • Simon (Score: 1048, Date: 03/07/2018).
  • sydney (Score: 1043, Date: 03/06/2018).
  • Jordan (Score: 1043, Date: 03/08/2018).
  • Kara (Score: 1037, Date: 03/12/2018).
  • Katie (Score: 1032, Date: 03/17/2018).
  • Meig (Score: 1030, Date: 03/09/2018).

Well, these were world’s longest snapchat streak today and for sure we will see more record of Snapchat streak in or in upcoming months. In a case if you want to compete Snapchat streak rankers then you can also increase Snapchat streak score by following below tips.

What are tricks to increase Snapchat streak score?

  • Make Snapping to the person or people you have ongoing streaks with a mandatory ritual in the every morning.
  • Always send a reminder to remind the other person if they haven’t returned your Snap back and send the message.
  • When you are running out of time to save the streak, you’ll notice a small hourglass icon appear next to your contact or other person. It means time is running out for both of you. Snapchat hasn’t officially published how long this lasts, but if we had to guess, you’re probably looking at about four hours remaining before the streak dies, meaning the hourglass appears about twenty hours after your last Snap exchange.
  • A text message does not count towards your streak, so always keep in your mind to drop a photo, video or an emoji along with your message to your streak-partner.

So, What’s the longest snapchat streak you’ve had/have? Please comments below!

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