How to activate Windows 10 using KMSpico

Microsoft’s latest Windows 10 is the most powerful desktop OS which offers lots of features and renders the super easy and good user interface. You can easily download and install Windows 10 on your PC to try all of its features. But as we all know, after a trial period there will be a watermark shown at the bottom of the system to remind you to activate Windows in order to enjoy its full features. But as we all know Microsoft charges a hefty price for the full version of Windows 10. So in this article, we are going to tell you how you can activate Windows 10 with KMSPico for free. KMSpico activator is believed to be the best Windows activator. It will activate Windows 10 on your PC permanently and you will not be asked to pay any money or put activation key.

How to activate Windows for free? How to get Windows free?

This is one of the main questions we search on Google is to activate Windows for free when we are getting notifications to activate Windows after the free trial has been over. There are lots of tools and the Windows activators on the internet to activate your Windows for free. But not all of them are genuine as some of them are fakes and malware. They are just there to fool you and to generate ad revenues. As we said earlier that if you are using an inactivated Windows version on your PC or laptop then after a few days, you will get a watermark notification asking you to activate your Windows. We recommend you to use KMSpico activator to activate your Windows 10 for free. There are also some other versions of KMSpico which allow you to activate Windows 7/8/8.1 and Vista. KMSpico also allows you to activate Microsoft office with Windows OS.


Requisites to activate Windows 10 using KMSpico activator

  • KMSpico Activator Tool (You can download from the link below)
  • A PC with pre-installed trial Windows 10 version
  • A little technical knowledge to follow the steps given below
  • Just do as given in the instructions and activate Windows 10 for free

What is KMSpico? What KMSpico Activator is

Before we tell you how to download and use KMSpico to activate your Windows, you need to understand what KMSpico is. It is a Windows activator tool that can be used to activate your Windows OS for free. Besides activating OS, it can also be used to activate Microsoft’s other programs and products that you install on your system. It allows you to activate your Windows OS permanently without spending a single penny. On the internet, it is the most searched and Googled activation tool for Microsoft products. It is totally free to download and super easy to use. KMSpico is said to be the best free Windows 10 pro activation key generator tool. 

There are lots of fake Windows activators on the internet which can be malware and may contain malicious programs that can harm your system. So we would suggest you to use the link given below to download and use KMSpico or use its official source.

Download KMSpico activator for free

You can download the genuine KMSpico from the link given here.

KMSpico activator for Windows

Guide to activate your Windows 10 program with KMSpico for free

We have given step by step guide in here by which you can generate Windows activation key for free. By following these simple instructions, you will be able to get Windows 10 pro without any cost. Learn here how to use the KMSpico Activator loader by Daz.

Step #1 – Download KMSpico from the link given above. (don’t download other than official source)

Step #2 – Now disable your internet connection. Disconnect Wi-Fi or LAN cable.

Step #3 – You also need to disable your antivirus program for a while. Don’t worry, this file will not harm your system. The antivirus may mark the crack file as malware and erase the file. So you need to disable the antimalware program to activate your Windows 10 OS.

Step #4 – Open the KMSpico file that you have downloaded from the link and click on the “activate” button. This tool will allow you to activate all of the products of Microsoft installed on your system.

Step #5 – It’s over your Windows 10 is activated without any problem. So now you can connect your device to the internet and enable antimalware.

Is KMSpico safe?

KMSpico is absolutely safe and secure to use. But you need to keep in consideration that you have downloaded the file of it from the reliable source (official website). It will activate your system any hurdle. If you download KMSpico from any other site still, it may work well but it may install adware on your PC without your permission that you don’t need. So we would recommend you to download KMSpico activator from its official website. 

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